Have it ever come across your mind that men are scare this days?” This has been the reason why most women in abusive relationships still proceed to marry their abusers because they believe men are scare! As such, if they leave their abusive partner, they might not get another man. How far from the truth is that! Very far, I must say.
Do not allow yourself to be deceived. I really do not understand the desperation for marriage going on among singles today. Am I against marriage? No, not at all. I am rather against loosing yourself and not living to fulfill the purpose God created you for just because you have to be married.
I think it is high time women stopped acting as if marriage is the paramount thing in life. It is high time ladies stopped running after relationships, especially the ones that are not profitable. Instead of building yourself up to be who God created you to be, you are busy jumping from one relationship to the other. The same men you are spending your time and life on will leave you for the woman who has developed herself; when it’s time for him to get married! That is just the bitter truth.
While some ladies are struggling to get the men they have been dating for years to propose to them, other ladies are struggling between who to choose from among the several marriage proposals they have bombarding them daily; even without dating. Do you know what the difference between these two set of ladies is? It is very simple, the difference is the value system, knowing who you are and self-development.
Some think they have to date several men so they can get at least one of them to propose marriage to them. This is rather crazy! When you are busy playing the role of a wife and mother to a man who has not married you yet, what makes you think in your wildest imagination that that man will be in a hurry to commit to you? I think it is high time young people begin to get wise and go for first things first. No man wants a liability for a wife or partner.
I never dated any man in my life but I cannot count the number of proposals I have had in my life of less than 30yrs. Somehow, every man that came really close to me talked about marriage, even though I was not interested because I was busy pursuing my purpose in life. I got used to saying “NO” to marriage proposals; not because I hated marriage, but because I knew marriage was not the number one thing in my life. Yes, ladies say men are scarce yet I have lost count of the number of proposals I have had starting from when I was just 15yrs of age till when I finally tied the knot with my beloved.
Ladies, you have to know that a man will go to any length to get what he wants that is very valuable to him. It took my husband five years of chasing me constantly to win my love. Now, I am not advising any lady to do that to any man in their lives. I didn’t plan to do that, I just was not ready and he waited for me for five years. It was his choice and not my demand. I was busy building myself to be who I wanted to be before getting married to anyone. Why? Because I wanted to be a source of treasure to any man I finally get married to and to my children. I wanted the man I marry to be the luckiest man in life and that is what I did. If you doubt me, ask my husband… LOL!!!
Why am I bringing my story here? I just want to let my fellow ladies know that if only you will be busy fulfilling your purpose and developing yourself, you will get the right man for you as you strive to be the right wife too. Forget the lies, “men are scare”. Will you believe that I have single men writing me most times to help connect them to a good woman to marry? Yet the ladies are out there running helter-skelter that men are scarce! What a myth!
Please dear ladies, do not destroy yourself. Develop yourself and fulfill your purpose. That is the first reason you were born in the first place. Purpose is greater than marriage. So, don’t sell yourself out just because you want to be married. Don’t allow yourself to be abused by a man that does not deserve you, just because you want to be married. Discover your God given purpose and fulfill it. You will only be remembered for what you did on earth not for the man you married. 

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