5 Ways She’s Telling You You’re Boring In Bed

No matter how much of a don you are in bed, a time will come when the passion will fade and you will long for those early days of your relationship when you could jump in the sack at the slightest touch. Because of the way men are wired to ejaculate and want to move on the next minute, women tend to get bored easily with our antics. Boredom is more of an aversive state and the sooner you’re able to tell when your girlfriend has drifted into “I could not care less about sex” territory ,the better for your relationship.
She Wants Just One Position During Sex
This one is a bad sign because it simply means she is only cool with the position that will get you to ejaculate quickly. If she doesn’t want to switch things up, she’s probably not interested in feeling more pleasure.
You can change this by adding an extra element of pleasure to that one position she favours as a means of pleasuring her. You could stimulate her clitoris and if she gets reminded of how good she feels with this, she will reengage the experience.
You can also guide her into a new position that may require you both to stand. Standing sex forces your nervous system to work a little bit harder which will make it difficult for your body to drift off during sex.
She Declines Oral Sex
It’s one thing for her to decline giving you oral sex but when she refuses something that will pleasure her, that’s a very bad sign. If she doesn’t value having an orgasm and would rather just sleep, you have your work cut out for you. Having such apathy may be an indication of deeper emotional issues such as irritation, disappointment and anger.
It could be you want her to orgasm simply because you want to boost your ego and not because you want to give her pleasure. Let her know everything you want to do is for her. Playfully engage her and bring her in to the moment. If she’s still not interested, bring it up outside the bedroom in the morning.
Let her know you’re curious about her sexual experiences. This is a good way for you to know what’s going on in your relationship which may make her not want to maintain a connection with you.
Her Time Of Going To Bed Is Different From Yours
The minute she starts going to bed earlier or later than you, she’s aiming to avoid intimacy by being in bed at the same time as you. Women usually do this on purpose as a way of deflecting your come-ons.
What you need to do in this situation is to pique her interest by initiating sex earlier, since she may just be frustrated with your late-night attempts at moving in on her. When your woman is losing interest, you really need to have good seduction skills to lure her back in. Talk to your partner about what sparks her libido and let her know you’d be patient with her if she has little motivation for sex. That way, she knows you don’t expect her to become hot and horny instantly and that you’re willing to put in some effort to bring back her desires.
You Stay Too Long
It could be you erroneously think staying for 30 minutes or more is what she wants but the truth is most women are totally cool with a 10-minute session. Anything longer than that and their vagina goes dry which will be pretty uncomfortable for her. More so, 30 minutes is a pretty long time for a woman who finds it difficult to climax during penetrative sex.
If you’re taking longer than normal, draw her attention by caressing her face and making intimate eye contact. Women find eye-connection as a huge turn-on. Gaze into her eyes to boost her libido as that is a signal to her that your arousal is aimed entirely her way.
She Doesn’t Want To Get Naked
While it may be erotic to keep some pieces of clothing on during a raunchy quickie, if she refuses to get completely naked, then she doesn’t want to connect with you. It may however be that she’s conscious of her body if it happens consistently but you should worry about it if she starts keeping her top on.
This could be an indication of hostility and laziness. Correct this by guiding her through a sexy striptease. Seductively tell her to show you her sexy body parts while you tell her how much you love seeing her breasts. Know that when you make her feel desired, her desires will be incited a little bit more.

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