How To Stop A Man From Cheating

Very few Nigerian women, irrespective of marital status and social standing can beat their chest and say that the man they are with hasn’t cheated or will not cheat on them. While it may be difficult to specifically point out our reasons for cheating, a number of things can make a man cheat.
Some common reasons for such indecent behaviour includes wanting to spice up his sexual life, tired of a particular partner or a lack of attention. As a matter of fact, some cases of cheating are attributed to biological factors which enjoins men to have as many women as possible for the purpose of preserving human existence.
In a lot of relationships however, cheating can be prevented by following simple guidelines and rules that show respect for the other person. Here are some tips that can help Nigerian women prevent their men from cheating.
Initiate Sex
There are very few ways to stop a Nigerian man from cheating like initiating sexual relationships. Doing this shows us how much you love and desire us. Avoid neglecting physical contact with your man as showing him he is desirable is a good way of making him feel powerful and successful.
Make Your Relationship A Priority
When men cheat, there’s a high chance that the woman they are cheating with is most likely having a non sexual affair with someone else. They are only prioritizing something else such as a job, children, career or any thing that pushes the man down the scale instead of the first position. If you really love him, he should be a priority and he will notice that and stay faithful to you.
A lot of women are guilty of sitting back and failing to try out new sexual ideas. This is a quick way to get a Nigerian man looking for such outside. Allow yourselves to try something new or your man may look for another woman to experiment with. While you don’t have to necessarily engage in a new sexual activity that you’re not comfortable with, you can reinvent the old ones and experience new things with the man you love.
Give Him Some ‘Alone’ Time
The truth is some men cheat because they see it as a way of exercising their freedom from their partners. Give him some time alone without you bearing down on his neck. You may want to take all his time but try not to monopolize his time as that may make him squeeze out time to cheat on you.
Control Your Emotions
A regular outburst of emotions on your man can drive a wedge between you and him and cause him to look for another woman. It is essential you channel your anger, rage, sadness and disappointment in a way that you can convey your emotions without driving him away from you. Self-control is important as everyone gets tired of appearing like a constant disappointment, especially men.
Let Him Be In Charge
A lot of times, women try to make the relationship work the way they want it to be and this will most times lead to destructive habits such as nagging, criticizing and blaming. Try not to want to be completely in charge and instead of focusing on controlling him, focus on controlling yourself.
Appreciate Him And Show It
While it is easier to appreciate people, a lot of people make the mistake of not showing it. The truth is all relationships are voluntary and any of you can decide to leave at anytime. Show him you care and remind him of it continually. Let him know how important he is to you and he’d most likely never think of cheating.

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