MY LOVE (By BlackPearl)

MY LOVE (BlackPearl)

Oh how I wish 
There exist a world
Where love is a myth
And hate fades like word
Where pain isn't felt
And all thorns are flowers
Then we wouldn't have met 
And shared so much love

To love has become so hard
But to hate you is even worse 
Even though it hurts bad 
I still want to exist as us
Though my friends comfort me 
And make me see others guys 
Still I feel hurt within 
Because all I really want is us

When the lights go dim 
I quietly search for you 
With great hope within 
I'm feel all alone without you 
It's not a fantasy 
I feel you in my heart 
I want you to come to me 
And I will accept without mart

Why hurt me so much 
Much more than I can bear
Why give me such pain
Even in pair
I hate you a lot
And even more 
Because I can't stop loving you
Is that still love

When the rain fall
It's you I see
When the wind blows hard
You are all I feel
Come back and be my own 
I won't think twice 
Before I make you my own
Now and always

Marvie (BlackPearl)

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