Poem: SCHOOL’S TOILETS (By Unbreakable)


Complaints everywhere
As students wail and carry about excreta waste
In their excretory pouch

Staff lament
On the indescribable shrine of ‛butt waste’
Close to them
Like neighbours that will never go
Making them incapable of carrying out their day’s work

At the entrance of the white house
It feels like hell on paradise
Stench of unimaginable dimension
Killing our academic souls
And weakening our poor minds

Worst of it all
Likened to a season of drought in the toilets
The toilet taps now spill only God knows what!!!
Making us incapable of doing the ‘flushing rituals’

Toilet cleaners don’t help matters at all
Especially on the females
Depriving the females of their biological right to dispose of ‛butt waste’
By locking the female toilets
Now we sneak into the male toilet to share toilet space

Toilet floors now second river Jordan
Messy with a combination of students’ urinary drops and water
Lost for words at the sight of this
And almost at the brink of tears
What a mess!!!

The white house that was highly patronised
Is now being avoided to a great extent
We prefer to do our business at home before coming to school
Than visiting the school toilets
Just to avoid stories that touch.

Echewe, Ruth Chidera (Unbreakable)

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