Poem: WHERE IS MY MAN? (By Unbreakable )


The man who claimed to be mine
The man who made me feel alive
The man who conquered my heart
The man who stole my breath away

Where is he?
The man, whose touch left me wanting more
The man, whose voice keeps me awake
The man, who took me to Mount Kilimanjaro
And made me want to live there forever
The man, whose eyes makes me timid

Where is he?
The man who promised to be there for me
The man whom I have loved from time immemorial
The man who made me feel my first butterflies
The man, whose face I seek

Where is he?
I yearn for my man
In his arms, I find solace
My heart troubleth me
Seeking, has become my hobby 
For if I stop looking
I might loose sight of him

I just want my man
My man
So tan
With stripes
Not of black and white wipes

Do you know where he is?
Where can I find him?
My man

Where is my man?


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