Wondering why ₦3800 has set the Internet on fire? Here's why

He should have stayed quiet. But he didn't.

The Internet is going crazy because of a simple bank transfer. 

When you think about ₦3800, what comes to mind? Your data plan? Or a weekend hangout? Or maybe even a date?
Oh well, what if I tell you ₦3800 will cover the whole date? Well, as long as this date is not in Lagos, or in a Buka, this is definitely possible.
Someone took a babe out to go eat. A day after, he tweeted this.
But the girl he was talking about was also on Twitter, and she tweeted this.

But wait, the film is just starting. She added this tweet to finish him.

Then Twitter did the rest of the job for her.
Twitter dragged Dino Melaye into the matter.

But people started asking how she got his account number. This tweet came up.
Another theory said she got his account number when he first asked her for money to buy chicken.
But secretly, the biggest winner, is Wema Bank.

Others followed. Tightly. From First Bank,

When the weight of Twitter Nigeria descended on Pablo, he had to throw in a white flag.

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