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10 Chocking Signs That Often Shows an Unhappy Relationship

10 Chocking Signs That Often Shows an Unhappy Relationship

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There is more in a Relationship than trying to hide the smoke from a burning forest.

Putting off and trying as much as we can is the best way and approach to stay away from Relationship Conflicts.
If you and your partner are battling a not-so-ideal situation, people will likely notice and those close enough will ask questions.
The answers you give could tell whether your relationship is just going through a rough patch, or if it is downright wrong for you to still remain in the relationship.
Couple fightsplayEvery relationship has its issues but it has to be kept to the barest minimum (BYM)

So if you find yourself using the following phrases to explain your relationship, there’s a pretty high chance that there are big problems in that relationship.

1. Every relationship has its issues

That’s you trying to rationalize the constant recurrence of something wrong in that marriage/ relationships

2. Fighting makes you stronger

No all the time, dear. Stop trying to convince yourself. When fighting becomes too much it could ruin your relationship.
What could go wrong when you date off TwitterplayToo much fighting will ruin your relationship, not strengthen it (Community Journal)

3. It could be worse

Now you are resigning to having your partner treat you wrong. This way you are not thinking f how to make things better, you are being grateful for the wrong treatment you are getting.

4. Life isn’t a fairytale

Well, for some people love is indeed a fairytale. Aim higher.
5. Relationships are about sacrifice
Yes, you are right to say this. But the sacrifice needs to come from both partners, not just from one end.

6. I need to start being realistic

This is the excuse people give just when they are about lowering their standard to meet their partner's tame effort at being a 'partner'.
The types of women likely to cheatplayYou can have a great, happy relationship. That is all the reality you need (News24extra)

7. Everything does not have to be about sex

Fix the communication in your relationship. Fast. You need to stop giving these flimsy excuses that everyone can see through.

8. Relationships are hard work

That’s what you say if you haven’t been having much joy in your relationship.
Why are you not married?playIf you say love is too much work, then you probably have not been having much joy in it (Mimster)

9. No couple is really as happy as they seem

Actually there are people who are just as happy as they look, and your relationship is meant to be just like that too. Stop downplaying the happiness in other people’s relationships just to rationalise the unhappiness in yours.

10. We actually don’t have to talk everyday

This is exactly what people say when their sex life has gone terribly bad.

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