7 Habits You Should Learn Before Getting Married

Have You ever "Done The Husband Stuff For Your Boyfriend or Done The Wife Stuff for your Girlfriends."? This is a question that every Man/Woman or Boy/Girl Should always have in mind in his or her relationship.

In a broader sense, this is an advice on how to know your limits in a relationship depending on how far you and a partner have gone.
It should not be taken as statement which completely separates relationships from marriages because as you surely know, relationships graduate into marriages and there are things you need in a marriage that should be learnt and imbibed even before you and your partner take your wedding vows.
We list 7 of these things below:

1. Say “I love you” all the time

Start now. Don’t get tired even when you get married.

2. Know how to keep distance
Realise that there are moments when people are overcome with emotion and would rather be left alone than pressured into talking.
If you want to have a great marriage, learn to spot these moments now that you are still with your girl/boyfriend.

3.  Always surprise each other
Never stop planning little surprises for him, popping in at his work with lunch, picking up his favorite candy from the store and getting his car washed for him when he’s sleeping in, just because.

4. Don’t accuse, ask

Learn to say David, did you leave this food in the sink?”rather than, “You left stuff in the sink again didn’t you?!”

5. Willingness to help your partner
Don't close your eyes to your boyfriend's needs just because he's not yet your husband. Don't say,  when I marry I will freely give to my wife. If you can't do it now, you might not be able to do it then.

6. Make peace with what you can’t change

If your partner keeps doing something and although you keep complaining they can’t seem to  stop it, it might be time to accept that you can’t change them.
Life, and your marriage later will be easier if you accept that and learn to  live with it.

7. Faithfulness
I’ve heard people say "people are not particularly exclusive until they are married."
But if everyone in a relationship goes by this rule and cheats because they are not married yet,’ just how convenient would it be when they are married and they have to abruptly stop?
Better to learn that exclusiveness now that you are with your girlfriend. Don’t wait till you are married.

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