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Guys 3 things you shouldn't say to your bae

Guys 3 things you shouldn't say to your bae

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What makes a relationship great isn't the promise of perfection, or an endless reality of bliss.

Being with someone is bound to come with its own special benefits as well as its issues. You enjoy the great moments, and work your way past difficult situations.
And when the time comes and your relationship reaches its own place of difficulty, you need to know that there are better ways to talk to your woman, better ways to express your desires than the three listed below.

1. It's either me or XYZ

A man who knows his place and recognises his importance would never have to make you pick between himself and your job, or your friends.
And at the same time, a wise woman would never push her man to the position where this will be his last resort.

2. My ex did this differently

Even if there's something about your ex that you absolutely love, a particular way she did something that impressed you all the time, you can't afford to express this to your new girl.
You'll be putting her in direct comparison with your ex, and letting her know that she came up short. No woman likes that. She won't take that lightly with you.
It's better to pass that message across more subtly and morecodedly than this.

3. Be more like XYZ

If you love her, your criticisms are constructive and they will be about her, not about others.
When you love a woman, you'll wish everyone else were more like her.

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