Now it's very easy to keep a girl attracted when you're not living together, when you've   just met because that is when the passion and the intensity is at its strongest but what happens when you get into a long-term relationship with a girl and you notice she starts to pull away, she starts to lose attraction for you, she starts to become more distant and she starts to move away from you?

For you, how do you keep the attraction going when she already knows everything about you and there's no mystery left. She knows what you're going to eat how you're going to respond, where you're going to be, she  knows everything about  your life and this is one of the big problems because this also kills attraction so when you're in a long-term relationship with your girlfriend it's very important to understand how to run relationship  game.

It is very essential for you to keep your girlfriend attracted to you  and not letting her get too comfortable with the situation  because as soon as your   girlfriend  takes you for granted, as soon as you become predictable and as soon as  she knows everything about you and there's no mystery left at all, she's gonna pull away and she's gonna lose  interest this is because she knows  you're always going to be  there and no  matter  what she does, she has a fullback position which is you and this is not a good state to be in   because when you are like this and the girl knows exactly where she  stands and what you're going to do and how are you going to react and  she knows  that  no matter what she does you'll always be that because you've been there for so long. It will kill attraction subconsciously in her mind.

At first she's not conscious of it but over time it's going to lower her attraction levels until she   becomes conscious of it and then when the problems start to happen and   she pulls away or she breaks up with you and it can hit a lot of guys very fast.

I was speaking to a guy the other day who had been in a long-term relationship with his   girlfriend for five years, all of a sudden he thinks everything's going great, he's very comfortable, he's very happy, he didn't know that for the last 12 months his girlfriend had been losing attraction for him and she just broke up with him and she said it's because I need to go out and explore life. I need to have adventures you're so predictable and I don't feel like we're growing together anymore. Essentially, what that means is that she's lost attraction for him, so how do you keep her attracted.


Well the first thing to do is to;
  • Remain a Mystery: Now just because you're in a  long-term  relationship  it doesn't mean that she  has to know everything  about  your life  she has to know what you're doing, where you're  going, what you're working on, you still have to have  the ability to surprise her and being able  to surprise your girlfriend is very   important. It doesn't mean bringing gifts or surprises like that. It means being a surprise in your personality, in your attitude and your behavior. Doing things she  doesn't expect, doing your own things, your own projects, having your own ambitions, working out whatever it is you need to be able to do things and when you do this it's going to surprise her and it's going  to be very good for the relationship.

  • Give a Little Distance: You don't have to be too close all the time when you're in a long-term relationship. People get into the habit of being very close. You want to pull away a little bit, surprise her in that way - don't be available all the time, don't always respond to her messages  straight away, don't fall into a routine where you have  to see her every day on a Wednesday, Friday,  a Saturday or  Sunday. Mix it up, change things around and be surprising and this will keep her on her toes and it'll make you much more interesting as a man.

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