Inspiration: FEMINIST OR ANTI-MANIST (By: Unbreaky_Writes)

I just saw a post of how women treat the issue of Feminism and it got me thinking of how various definitions has been given to this concept from a general sense down to the individual sense, so I came up with a concept for a certain group of individuals (women) ANTI MANISTS. My concept of Anti_Manism supports the fact that a woman or any individual who believes in the elimination of the male gender whether total or partial is not a Feminist, this is mostly done to spite the male folk, which does not properly define the ideology of feminism. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not standing up for the male folk. I am a woman, so I will write as a woman but from a factual_perspective.

Feminism came up as a result of the fact that the women had to be brought to the fore, therefore, the focal point is the woman. But the focal point is being defined from various views with the strands of feminism that has recently emerged such as: femilism, motherism, Africana womanism, snail-sense feminism, nego-feminism and the likes. With these strands also came different views whereby some women believe in the total elimination of men while others believe in the co-existence of patriarchy and matriarchy.

These views keep changing from general view to personal views. Most times, these personal views are individualistic of what women experience with the male folk that could result from heartbreak, disappointment or mismangement of feelings. As a result, one could read comments or posts such as ‘men are dogs’, ‘men are trash’, ‘men don't deserve to be with me’, 'men do not deserve my worth or time', 'all men are liars', 'men deserve to die'. Now, my point is, Feminism does not preach against the existence of men at least from my own perspective. The ideology of feminism is to reveal the diversities of women in every sphere of life from the home, society, church, economy and even in the literary world. It supports the equality of the women with the men and the recognition of the_essence_of_woman_power.

I believe that there are Feminists and Anti_Manists. These concepts need to be treated as they are so that the Face of Feminism has a proper shape.


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