Runtown: Singer scores another hit with new song 'For life

Runtown is back, and he is looking good for another hit record!
The pop star began the year racing out the blocks with his chokehold over radio and Nigerian pop music. His smash hit single – ‘Mad Over You’ has brought numerous benefits to the ‘Sound god’, and the airwaves in 2017.
The success of “Mad Over You” has made Runtown one of the hottest musicians in Nigeria, with the video racking up a whooping 30 million Youtube views, and streamed millions of times across all digital stores. Runtown himself has seen his stock rise, touring numerous cities in the US, and Nigeria.

But it’s time to switch things up with another single, and he is back with another record titled ‘For Life’.
With production from the rising Krizbeatz (who has already scored Tekno’s ‘Pana’, ‘Rara’, and a few others), Runtown keeps things close to the template that has been responsible for the switch in the Nigerian pop sound. It’s mid-tempo Highlife, only designed with elements that are consistent with core African melodies.
‘For life’ opens with mellow guitar notes, repetitive, lush drums, and synths that are consistent with ‘Mad Over You’. The tempo from ‘Mad Over You’ is unaltered, but it all feels a little updated, with Runtown’s voice working in tandem with the instrumental to form a stretch of musical sweetness.
The theme is the same; Runtown professes his love for a woman in basic lyrics. He offers his soul, with admirable abandon, creating an emotional pull that is sure to resonate with his gigantic female fan base.  
“If na fight make I fight for the love, if na craze make I craze for the love” he sings, before bringing in his Ghanaian influence on the track (“Odoyewu my personal…”).

 There’s a few rap lines thrown in for effect by Runtown to wrap up the song with the complete inclusion of diverse elements. The technicality and clear songwriting displayed all through the record, coupled with the immersive melody is enough to shoot this up the charts and generate massive acceptance for the record.
Vocally, Runtown is one of the best melody creators that Nigeria currently boasts in mainstream music, and on evidence of this new record, he has no intention of hitting a decline. The singer is one of the few who are taking advantage of Nigeria’s changing sound structure to create impressive music.
And you should click the play button on the video above. It’s a gift. Really, it is.
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