See What To Do For Flat Tummy In No Time


A lot of ladies love a flat/toned midriff as it not only give a nice fit for clothes, it's just a great definition for the body but they have no idea what to do about it when they finally get a chance to visit the gym.

There is something about having toned abs that work to give definition to one's physique and while a lot people go to the gym to work on it, a lot of people don't necessary pay attention to the 'problematic area' doing whatever they feel should be done leaving out the area completely.

Adepoju shows how to get toned/flat tummy in simple moves especially for those who are able to go to the gym on a regular basis showing how to do the 'Side Bend' and the 'Seated Oblique Twist' for faster results.
She does the 'Side bend  with the kettle bell' move which involves her holding a kettle bell while doing the side bend concentrating on both sides of the body to firm up the areas. She started this off slowly and eventually going at a pace that works for the area.

She also does the 'Seated Oblique Twist' move which she does for 30 times to tone the midriff. She offers other moves that work to tone the usually problematic area in the easiest ways and if looking to tone the stomach then the moves are ones to try.
Watch her do the moves a lot of ladies swear by for a toned midriff.

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