Top 5 surest places to find true love

When Banky W and Adesua Etomi had their introduction few days ago, Banky might have had a moment of reflection and asked himself; "what if I had not slid into this babe's DM?"

They probably wouldn't be where they are now, and there'd probably be no pretty romance to excite us all.
But thankfully he slid into Adesua's DM like a jubilant football player who just scored a 90th-minute winner in a world-cup final.
Sliding into DM's might be the commonest way to get love these days, but is it the only one?
In her vlog, "Love, Life and Everything in Between", published on May 8 2017, Uwanma Odefa says "of course not!"

1. In the Social Media

Since many people spend a great deal of time on social media daily, it's logical that romantic moves would be made on these platforms.
2. Social gatherings
Church, mosques, schools, campuses... name it. Being around other people provides you a wide variety of opportunity and chances are pretty high that you'd meet the love of your life at one of these gatherings.
3. Doing what you love doing best
If you are the type that loves running, visiting the gym, reading, volunteering for charity causes and other similar stuff, you also stand a good chance of meeting someone who would think the world of you and ask you to come be part of his or her life.

4. At work

While many have reservations about this, it is actually not a terrible thing and when you actually consider the fact that many people with jobs spend close to 10 hours daily at it, talking, relating, conversing and being in close quarters with their colleagues, you'll understand why there is a strong possibility that people will fall in love with each other at their work stations.
5. Dating sites
Don't be quick to turn up your noses on this one, says Uwanma, because even the blogger has once tried it.
She says it doesn't mean one is desperate and she in fact found the experience quite nice.
Watch the blogger explain these things in the video below.

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