Ways To Take Things Slowly In A New Relationship

If you are just getting back from a hurtful breakup, or if you just wish to move at a reasonably slow pace and not get too involved too early, the five steps below are just perfect for you.

1. Lay the ground rules early

To avoid awkward conversations later in the relationship, you need to lay the rules as early as you can.
Let your partner recognise what you have been through, and your desire to not move too fast.
It is often easier this way, and you will get their support most times.

2. Restrain yourself from regular PDA

You might also want to consider reducing how much you engage in Public Displays of Affection, especially on social media.
You do not want to complicate things by telling them you want to take it slow with them, but keep on posting mushy stuff about them on all your social media channels everyday.
That does not exactly read 'slow and steady.'

3. Limit time spent together

Imagine trying to keep it slow with someone but being with them almost every day, or every time you have time.
No. Doing this is completely against the intention of 'keeping it slow.'

4. Keep it under wraps

You can also make this happen by keeping it to yourself for a while. No need to announce it. No need to get people involved too early, you don't need their disruptive influence and un-informed advise.
Just do you for a while. You'll be better for it.

5. Postpone the sex

The sex has to be kept at bay if your goal is to be slow and steady with that love affair.
Sex is a very great instrument of getting people up in their feelings, and the moment you start getting involved like that, it will be difficult to maintain that slow pace you desire.
What will be will eventually be, and when you make yourself wait to go all the way, evidence shows that such sex is extra-mindblowing.

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