When is the right time to have sex in a relationship?

A relationship grows with time, and the more of a person you know, the more of yourself you’ll be willing to share with them.

A time to meet, a time to be cool enough to go on a date, a time to become close enough to trust them with your secrets, a time to become comfortable enough to kiss them and ultimately have sex.
The amount of time required from the first point to the last varies from person to person.
And this is based on the differences people share, personal preferences and outlook on the issue of sex.
There are those who say sex needs to wait till you are married to someone, no matter how powerful the chemistry or for how long you have been dating.

Some other people are comfortable enough to have sex with someone on the very first date, while some other people have personal conditions that need to be met before they could ever engage in sex with their partner.
In your opinion, when is the right time to have sex in a relationship?
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