5 sexual mistakes you need to stop making

Talking about Love and Sex, Uwanma Odefa opens up on the mistakes men make with the impression that they are doing right.

Many men see themselves as sexual experts, she says, but such men can’t even properly satisfy their wives/girlfriends as the women would like, thereby invalidating their bloated opinions about their sexual abilities.

This can be traced to the following five mistakes:

1. Thinking sex is all about strength

Men need to realise that they are not hammers, and that the female sexual organ is not just a hole, the vlogger says.
She also adds that the act of sex requires more finesse than most men seem to be aware of.
“I know we [women] want it a bit rough sometimes, but if all your [thoughts] whenever you think about sex is [rough pounding], please have a rethink, ” she adds.

2.  Going on and on

More men need to realise that pleasing a woman is not about going on ceaselessly with the sex.
Going on for 50 minutes or 1 hour does not prove that you are ‘The Man’ and when prolonged unduly, sex could really get exhausting.
Sex is meant to be enjoyable, and to achieve that, partners do not need to go on a marathon.
So the idea that you need to go on and on to satisfy the woman needs to be stopped.

3. Neglecting other body parts

When men choose to make sex all about the vagina, there’s only an amount of pleasure they can give their wives or girlfriends.
The whole process of sex is meant to be a thing of totality and wholeness. Your wife’s most sensitive part needs to be discovered and paid attention to, but not at the expense of other body parts.
Spread your kisses, touches and caresses and see how pleasing it’ll be for your bae.

4. Too many positions in quick succession

“When you keep flipping your [partner] in all directions, it becomes distracting.” Uwanma says.
Switching positions during sex has to be a mutual thing, and even if men love to take charge, it’d be great to let a partner enjoy and get relaxed with one position before switching over to yet another one.
Big mistake.

5. Ending immediately after your orgasm

Thinking that sex ends immediately after you cum is like the biggest mistake on this list, because it is the height of selfishness.
Assuming that your orgasm is the point of the whole process is very annoying and every woman would find it uncaring and unfair. So even after you get an orgasm, try to see if your woman is satisfied yet, and if she isn't, you need to help her achieve that satisfaction.
That's the way to go.

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