There are thousands of people out there who dream big and yet they never had the chance to achieve their dreams.
Sometimes to become successful you get closer to that person you were born to be. You don't need to add more things onto your list. Sometimes you just got a deal with some of the negative programming you've got at the moment. In this article, we will reveal to you five things you need to give up if you want to be successful.
If you truly want to become that person you were born to be. So make sure to take plenty of notes but most importantly take action. Let’s move to the first points.
  • Give Up The Short-Term Mindset: Successful people set long-term goals and they know the fact that these aims are merely the result of short-term habits that they need to do every single day.  And what they realize   is that, they do need to dream big, but they chunk it down small. And they have these mini wins every single day while on the other hand, very broke people are people who won't become successful.  They have a very short-term mindset.  Everything they do is short-term. For example they believe in get-rich-quick, they believe they want results like that and they believe there's a magic bullet that will solve all of their issues in one. While on the other hand successful people realize that is the daily habits, are the things you do every single day. Those micro increments that's what's makes the biggest difference in the long term. Image result for Give Up The Short-Term Mindset
  • You've got to give up on playing small: If you never try and actually grab the opportunities that are in front of you.  If you never just go out there and actually put yourself out and speak your own truth and do what you boldly want to do, not what your parents say, not what your next-door neighbor says, not what your friend says, but the moment you actually take full ownership of the ship you're sailing and you become the captain not the victim, that's when your life truly changes. Give up on playing small dreams freaking big, play it big, treat your life like a giant. Whatever it takes, push pass yourself and realize that winners run through the finish line. There are going to be days where you feel down, of course everybody does. But the ones who actually persevere, the ones who actually get up and actually run through the finish line, they're the ones who are going to win. Image result for You've got to give up on playing small
  • You've Got To Give Up The Excuses: Now this is what really separates the losers from the winners. The winners always come up with the reasons why they can and the losers always come up with excuses in regards to why they can't. They always throw themselves “oh yes my story”, “always because of this always because of that”, “oh I got no time”, I haven't got the money”, “oh, and I haven't got the right resources”. It doesn't matter, give up on the excuses. If you haven't got money, find the money. There are investors all around you. For example, let me let  me  ask  you this, if I was to say to you give me $100,000 and I will give you million dollars, would  you be able  to find $100,000 if you knew that was guaranteed million dollars? Of course, because everyone around you are looking for investment opportunities. If you're lacking money, get creative, find the money. You're never lacking resources; you're only lacking your resourcefulness. If you truly want to become successful become resourceful and give up your excuses. Image result for You've Got To Give Up The Excuses:
  • Give Up Your Need To Be Liked: If   you're forever  really  trying to be liked  and if you're ever trying to please  everybody, you're never going to become  successful. If you look at every great leader on this planet, they're willing to stand up for their own truth, not their neighbor's truth, not their friend’s truth, but their own truth. Not what their parents say but what they want to say. This is the importance of really giving up your need to be liked. And what you'll  find out is that the  people who dislike you, they're going to begin to hate you the moment you do this but the people who like you are going to begin to  love you. If you look at any of the leaders that you follow online, any other people you admire, they are all willing to speak their own truth. They have given up the need to be liked and they are just living their life and they're just amplifying what they believe in as their core message. So you, need to do the same in moving forward. Related image
  • Give Up Toxic People: Spend time with people who are born winners. Spend time with people who can't put up with anything that's average and guess what you'll become the same. If you hang around with toxic people, if you hang around with losers, you're going to become a loser. If you hang around with   winners, the ones who are seriously making a big impact on this planet, you're going to become a winner as well. So what you got to realize is this; as Jim Rohn said, you are the average of five people you spend the most time with. Take a look around you right now, who are within your social circle? If right now, people within your social circle aren't   living your dream life, don't expect to reach your dream life. Hang around with people who are beyond yourself. How do you do that? Well, one of the easiest way is to actually reach out to a mentor and get through to their networks. And then once you basically have got mentor they can introduce you and it becomes much easier. But just do whatever it takes. Give up toxic people; replace them with people who are born winners. Who are literally so fed up as average people that they will not tolerate your average behavior if you hang around with them. And you will find that you will sooner than later become more successful in your life.

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