8 Things Successful People Do Before 8am (Secret)

What I find so fascinating is looking at what successful people do before 8 a.m. in comparison to people who aren't getting results. And those people haven't even woken up by 8 often again. And so in this article I will reveal to you the eight things successful people do before breakfast that you can implement and model in your life so you can get more results. Does that sound cool to you okay add to be amazing?
So let's go on to the point number one.
  • They Wake Up Before Everyone Else: Successful people realize that the early bird gets the worm. So they really set themselves up to win by waking up nice and early. And you can look this up most billionaires wake up around 5 a.m. So if you're on the model that? Make sure to wake up around the same time.
  • They Exercise: Now it's very important to really just get yourself out of breath and blood pumping and just really just feeling after the amazing afterwards first thing in the morning. Because that really sets the agenda, the feeling, of motion that you want and it carries out throughout the day. So make sure that you exercise.
  • They Take a Cold Shower: The reason for this is, it trains what I like to call them action taking machine. And how you do this is you step into the warm shower, you do your regular stuff and then you step out you turn it to full blast code and you tell yourself, I can, I will unless when you step in and what you're doing is you're training you're conscious that you're going to take action no matter what around the day.
  • They Write Down What They're Grateful For: The reason being is this life of an entrepreneur can be one long road which can lead to stress and overwhelm. So it's very important that you just calm your mind, you write down what you are grateful for in regards to what happened yesterday, and in regards to what may happen today and what you're happy for right now. What you're grateful for right now because of things you've got. And so that way, you're going to feel good and when you feel good you can achieve in your life. 
  • They Meditate: The reason for this is successful people realize when it comes to making big and important decision, the minds has to be still. That way they can listen and tap into that inner feeling we've got intuitions heart whatever you like to call it. And the only way that can actually happen is if your mind is silent.
  • They Strategize: They set themselves up to win. They review their dreams and goals and they just write down what needs to be achieved on that given day. So make sure you set yourself up to win by strategizing. 
  • They Tackle The Tough Task First: They realize that often we procrastinate; we leave the big project for the last minute. But what successful people realize is; that needs to be done first otherwise you're going to be subconsciously carrying this weight throughout the day, which means you're going to be less productive. So make sure to tackle the big task first if you want to actually get more stuff done throughout the day.
  • Successful People Eats Very Healthy Breakfast First Time In The Morning: We're not talking about some shitty cornflakes here, we’re talking about a healthy breakfast. And so make sure to look up some healthy breakfast recipes out there. Make sure you actually implement this because wouldn't put shit into your Ferrari. Would you? So why do that to yourself? Because you are the important machine that you got to take care of. And whatever you put into yourself in regards to fuel is going to really determine your output. So make sure you feed your engine with the right fuel it needs which is healthy foods. 

So those are the eight things that successful people do before 8:00 a.m. I hope you found this article helpful? If you have, please make sure to share this with your friends that you know would benefit from reading this article and like this article for more. 

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