Alleged member of killer gang burnt alive in Ikorodu (See Photos)

Alleged member of killer gang burnt alive in Ikorodu

The Badoo gang member has been given the jungle justice by an angry crowd in Ikorodu after he was arrested.

It was the end of the road for an alleged member of the notorious rape and killer gang, Badoo Cult Group after he was caught by residents of Aga area in Ikorodu, Lagos State, after he was beaten to a pulp and burnt alive.

According to a Facebook group, Ikorodu Ambassadors, the suspect was caught around the around Olomomeje Mosque on Oni Ogunsanya Street, Aga, Ikorodu, and the angry mob resisted any attempt by the police, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and a vigilante group to rescue him as he was lynched.
This is how the Ikorodu Ambassadors captured the incident on its page:
"An angry mob in Ikorodu have burnt to death a suspected notorious Badoo cultist terrorizing the area after he was caught by the vigilante group popularly called the Onyabo.
According to information gathered, the general public prevented the Police, SARS and the Vigilante from taking the suspect away.
The Crowd calling for the blood of the suspect.

Two people were hit by stray bullets that were shot to disperse the crowd. One was hit on the hand and the other on the head, but the crowd refused to let them take the alleged suspect away.
He was eventually beaten to a pulp before he was burnt alive by the crowd. Sources had it that the house that the Badoo suspect was kept when he was arrested by the Vigilante Group (Onyabo) was an unoccupied building; it was empty because the owners wanted to renovate it.
But the Landlords Association and CDA in the area asked the owner to allow the Vigilante Group use a flat in the house as an office before the renovation commences.
So, the Vigilante Group locked the suspect in the house after he was arrested, because it is their office, hoping to take him to the police station in the morning.
They said the house owners knows absolutely nothing about the suspect or any Badoo issue."
The gang has been terrorizing residents of Ikorodu in the last two years where they would attack a whole family, killing them and making away with their blood and brain membrane with the police and traditional rulers incapable of doing anything to bring them to justice.

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