How long would you want to be engaged before marriage?

How long would you want to be engaged before marriage?

Talking about Engagement and Marriage, Do you have to rush to the altar after an engagement?

The journey down the aisle is an all-familiar one.

So, you meet someone great, fall in love with them, date for a while and as the love grows and the bond is strengthened, he gets on one knee to propose after which you both take the nuptial vows.
The distance between the first stage and the last could be as short as few months to a couple of years.
The distance between your engagement and wedding date

In particular, how long should the distance between the engagement and the wedding ceremony be?
Three months, six months, one year, two years or more?
People tend to frown on dragged-out engagements because, as they often say, "why propose when you know you are not ready to marry?"

Eva Alordiah and Caeser

Rapper, Eva Alordiah's recently broken 16-month engagement might validate such opinions but in the grand scheme of things, does this really mean that shorter engagements are better than longer ones?
Let's know what you thinking in the poll below:

For how long should one be engaged before marriage?

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