How to enjoy your relationship when you're both broke

At some point of our lives, we all have looked into our wallets and the things we saw [actually, it's more like what we didn't see] made us shake our head in sorrow.

Or shame. Or a fine balance of both.
Actually, many of us are not really broke like that, we are just wealthy in transition.
And frankly, there's nothing stopping us from finding the love of our lives, or actually enjoying these relationships.
I mean, na money we no get, we no kill person.
So, if you and your partner are broke AF but fun-loving and adventurous, here are date ideas that will give you all the magical thrills of loving and being loved... and the best part, they won't leave you broke.

1. Movie ticket deals

Yep. Almost all cinemas have days when tickets are sold at a reduced price. Cop yourself some tickets with bae and enjoy.

2. Free concerts

There are few good shows where you can see Wizkid your favourite artistes perform for free or at really reduced cost.
They aren't that common, but these things happen occasionally and if bae is down, go there  together and have the night of your lives!

3. Cook together

See, all the recipes you see are stuff people were experimenting and stumbled upon.
You can make the best of your time with bae by whipping up several ingredients and trying out new recipes.
It could result in a great meal or terrible trash. But you'll have fun when making it and the fun and bonding of these moments are quite priceless.

4. Movies & Chill

Ok. That was supposed to be 'Netflix & Chill' but hey, you're broke, remember?
Netflix has nothing on you though. Just flip open that laptop, share an earbud with bae, she snuggles up to you and you guys get to enjoy your favourite movie[s] or binge watch your favorite series.

5. Staycation

Click here to learn all about the most ideal staycations. You can read books together in companionable silence, gist all weekend, and then you could also cuddle and kiss and domore all weekend.
As you can see, people, love truly don't cost a thing!

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