How To Keep A Man Interested - Or Get Him Hooked To You.

Finding love and lasting relationship can be difficult at times, even more daunting is knowing how to keep our partner interested and completely hooked on us. How do you keep your man hooked and interested in you and in you alone? Learn how now!
To get him hooked you've to make him feel that he is the luckiest guy for having chosen you.
Here are some tips to keep your man's interested in you.

  1. Be Confident About Yourself: Seeing you looking good and feeling good about yourself will certainly make your man happy. He will also be confident about his feelings for you in his take on   your relationship. Wear dresses that will make you look perfect on a date with him. Don't overdo   your makeup   just   make it light and simple. Natural beauty is still a guy's preference. Maintain your youthfulness and femininity. When around him, don't  pretend to be somebody else, just be your natural self a man would love seeing you do things for him even if you would look  awkward  singing his favorite song to him even if  you're out of tune will endear  you to him more.
  2. Make him feel important: Nothing will make a man more interested than knowing he is important in your life just as you are to him. Simple gestures like buying him things without asking for it. Preparing him dinner after a hard and tiring day at work. Preparing his clothes for work in the morning. Listening to him share his achievements of the day. Laughing at his jokes or surprising him on his birthday will surely make him want to be with you more.
  3. Make him feel like a man: Boosting your man's ego is definitely not wrong. Telling him that he looks awesome in his suit or that he stands out in a crowd will make him feel good about himself it will also boost his ego knowing that you feel protected or secure.
  4. Keep Him In Tree: Keep him interested in you by letting him realize that you are getting more fascinating every single day. Showing him what you are capable of. Surprising and move your cooking abilities. Dressing up for him. Showing your love and care for him in different ways will definitely let him stay. Keeping him  intrigued will want him to see you often to know more about you.
  5. Know what he likes: Your man will appreciate it if you spend time with him and do the things that he likes even if  you may not like it at all or may be a bit clumsy with it. It also helps if you do a little research on what he likes and surprising him with them. Seeing you take an effort in wearing his favorite color, cooking his favorite food, playing his favorite sports or singing his favorite tune will definitely keep him interested in you.
  6. Love him but don't be cleaning: Your man is not a robot he needs space and time for himself and for his guy friends. Allow him to go out once in a while with his friends and also enjoy some time with your own set of friends as well. Men love independent women so have your sense of   independence   even   if you are in a relationship with him but make sure that he still feels the need to   protect and care for you assure him that nothing beats the feeling of security   when you're beside him that way he'll keep his interest in you. 
  7. Be well-mannered: A man will surely love you more   if he sees that you value  people around you  and if you show your kindness  and grace your men will feel  luckier knowing that he has beside him a well-mannered woman like you. 
  8. Give him  a massage: Men look to   be pampered  to surprise him with  a body or back massage   after a long and hard day at work   it simply shows  that you care for me a lot there were many ways on how to keep a  man  interested as long as you truly   love   and care for him you will do two   things  for him that will make and stay with you forever. 

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