Misconceptions About This Female Intimate Area (Vagina)

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The Vagina Health is Number One Basic Thing Every Woman or Girl Needs to Take to Caution. 
The vagina is one of the most overrated part of a lady when it's actually not high maintenance at all.
Although it's very important to always keep the vagina dry as well as wear clean breathable underwear to avoid unwanted bacteria breeding which can disrupt the area causing infection. (opt for cotton panties instead and make sure hygiene around the area is 100%).

The vagina is not as high maintenance as it looks or feels and all you'd need in the shower is just water and it's back smelling nice although what you eat/diet helps this area in top shape as well.

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For instance, the vagina doesn't need a douche or special soap to keep it clean as it's self cleaning. It contains bacteria yes but the good ones that keep the place safe and keep the PH of the area balanced.
There are raved products with promises of giving the vagina a 'facelift' but those aren't needed at all.
There are lot of misconceptions about the vagina and these are some of them:

1. A big penis overstretches it!

A big penis won't overstretch it!.The vagina is elastic it's almost unbelievable so a super big penis won't make it go extra loose! The vagina can fit a very big penis and afterwards go back to its original tightness (though with vaginal childbirth this could happen but there are exercises and other ways to tackle this).

2. You'd be 're-virginised' after going off sex for a long time

No, you won't be 're-virginised' after going off sex for a long time! A lot of ladies think going off sex for a very long time will make the vagina go back to a 'virgin-like' state. While the area might get a little tight due to it being tensed after a while, it doesn't go back to that of a virgin.

3. Tampons etc can get lost inside there!

No, Tampons etc can't get lost inside there!Nothing can't get lost inside the vagina. It's impossible for anything to get lost or escape into the uterus, the cervix blocks it. Though a tampon for instance can go way in than desired, this can be removed while squatting and fishing it out otherwise visit a gyno.

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4. The vagina always smells funky
The vagina isn't supposed to smell funky! The vagina has its own scent and depending on what time of the month it can get stronger. The has a scent which may be more proounced after sweating for instance after exercising, during the monthly cycle but with great hygiene, great diet and generally keeping the area clean and tidy, it will be fine.
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5. Too much sex weakens the Vagina
Too much sex doesn't weaken the vagina! Like every part of the body, 'exercise' makes the area toner. Regular sex helps the body relax and the area is catered to as well.

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