Poem: “YOUR VOICE” (By Crown Poet)

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{Dedicated To My One and Only Rejoice}

From the midst of the air
Your voice resounding
In the cold night
I can hear it
I can identify it

Sounding like that of an angel
In their praise section
A voice so unique and strong
Though soft and tender
But still at its peak

Oh what a voice
The bird sings of it praise
The parrot wished they had one
The sky cry’s each time it misses it
And the tree dances to it rhythm

At the sound of your voice
The wild wind suddenly became calm
The dead are invigorated
The weak regains strength
The deaf smiles in wonder

Your voice is like music
set to a melody Sang by angels
It is like the birds
Summoning me to paradise
Your voice is the sweetest tune I have ever heard.

I heard your voice so deep, Like an endless well
You voice was gentle, It made my heart swell
Your voice reached me and Touches me with tenderness
Your voice makes me glad, I am alive
Your voice makes me glad, I am a man

Rejoice, Your voice is;
My comfort in lonely days
My hope of greater days
My source of completeness
My Paradise once lost, I found in your voice.

By: Crown Poet


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