Poet: DARK CONFINEMENT (By Unbreaky Writes)


I came out of a dark empty space
Filled with the insides of the one who carried me for months that stretched beyond nine
On the day of my glorious exit from that dark space, there was light
So bright
I could almost smell freedom
Or was it joy?
Nevertheless, the amazement before me destroyed every dark period that I experienced in that dark confinement

I looked forward
To a world of plenty
Which eventually got my bubbles bursted
At first, I laughed it off
So, I presumed that there was more
More of that taste of freedom that greeted me at my glorious exit
But my painted world of plenty
Turned to a world of lack and wants
Now I ask myself
Was that a taste of freedom?
Or a taste of "Lack-dom"?

Age zero went by
I allowed it
Age one came
And I wasn't sure if there was any iota of "allowance" in me
I kept shrinking
Hoping for the proper taste of freedom
My ribs kept giving the warning signs
As they gave "bonified" artwork to my upper body

The one who carried me for months more than nine was no where to be found
The one who gave up on me
The one who denied me the joy of suckling
The one who never sang me a lullaby
I just woke up and found myself surrounded by noises and dirts
Then I knew I had to become independent at age zero

Sometimes, I think of going back to that dark confinement
At least, I can tap from the little that my prison warden threw occasionally
But out here, I am on my own
Looking helpless
Then she comes to me with that bit of a taste
I can't quite place it
But I know I've felt it
Is she the one that gives that taste of freedom?

Her hands are filled with treasures
She looks different
Not like us
At least she is wearing clothes
And looking divine
She is the one
I can feel it
She just gave me one of her treasures
She is the one
Please let it be
Or else...I'm done!!!


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