Poetry: You Are My Responsibility

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You Are My Responsibility

Dad is gone
So is mum
We were playing in the garden, where mum plants her vegetables
Suddenly, a man in black entered
Picked me up from the ground
Smiled at my younger ones
And patted our backs
Then I knew something was amiss
'Is something wrong?' I asked
The man in black just looked at me
Without an answer
Nigh time approached
Mum wasn't back
Dad was nowhere to be found
But the man in black was still by my side
Staring at the open air
Whispering to no one
But then again, I could tell there was someone close
He stared at me
With eyes of unspoken words and doubtless emotions
'Where is mum?' I asked again
'She is gone' came the reply
'So is your dad' he continued
As a child, I couldn't understand anything
Then he said; 'you would have to grow up and stop being a child'
That was the last day I had a feel of my father's house
With a suckling baby brother of six months
And a little brother of three years, we were thrown out
By the same blood that fed from the same breasts of my father's mother
At first, I cried each night with an empty stomach
Staring at my younger ones who need to be fed
But no means to
I had to fight off a madman who thought I was his wife
That would have been the end of me, if he had had his way to my fortress
I was saved
Then it dawned on me
I need to grow up
That was what the man in black said
He knew this day would come
I could sense it
Maybe he was an angel sent to warn me about this pain of today
Even though yesterday was full of joy and bliss
Now, all I can say is that I once had a mum and dad
But why was he in black?
I thought angels wore white
I never saw him after that day
Now I roam the streets
With a baby wrapped behind
And a little brother holding on to my hand with string of hope of what may happen next
Then I say to him 'Junior, I will protect you with my life. I won't let you go through pains anymore. Just promise me that you won't let go of my hand cause if you do, I may not be strong enough to protect you
I am just a girl-child who was forced to become a woman at age nine
But know ye, that you are my responsibility


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