Funny enough, though this subject matter looks or seems easy, but I tell you the truth it is a very difficult task. It takes a lot of think, calculations and preparation in carry out a clean and clear stealing. Even robbers, takes quite some measures and planning before going out for business. Now there are some simple good steps to consider before setting out to hunting or stealing/catching a chicken that is not yours. Especially when during festive period and you have no money to buy one. Check out the following step:
  1. Plan: At this stage is where you get all your thought together and plan on how to get/steal the said chicken. As no successful business can succeed without appropriate preparation.
  2. Survey: This stage you go out and take a survey on where you intend to lunch your attack. Usually you check out for places where you can find the chicken and the path ways the chicken usually takes.
  3. Select a Target Area: Ou from your survey, you will notice maybe on eor two routes the chicken usually take or go that here are lesser people passing through, as you will not want to be caught in the process.
  4. Equipment Needed: As to make the quest much more easier and simple, you have to get some grains with you. This will be use to attract the chicken towards the direction you want it to go.Image result for grains
  5. Most Important: You need to be wearing a very big clothes, as big as the usually Yoruba traditional attire. E.g Papa Ade (Craze Clone)Image result for papa ade
  6. Take Action: 
  7. Ø  Now on the faithful day, you need to go and drop some grains on the floor and line them towards the direction where you want to caught the chicken. Of course, places where there are very few or nobody passing by.
    Ø  Now hide somewhere and watch the chicken enjoying the grains and coming towards your direction. Dash out and catch the chicken, quickly turn the neck about 720o to 1080o.
    Ø  Put it under your hand pit and walk as if nothing happened.
    Ø  Go home and enjoy your chicken and DON’T FORGET TO COME AND THANK ME LATER.

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