Indeed Husbands are Scarce as Desperate Kenyan woman advertises for husband on the street

This desperate Kenyan bride needs a husband

Where is Popular saying that says “Wives Everywhere but Husbands Are Scarce”, This saying is being proven as desperate single lady in Kenya has taken her search for a life partner to another level. She went round the Nairobi Central District [CDB], carrying a placard announcing that she was looking/searching for a husband.


Reports from the Nairobi Wire states that the woman by the name Nyambura, got herself dressed in a wedding gown and accompanied by her young daughter as she went around the streets claiming to be in need of a husband to help her take care of her seven-year-old daughter.
On the placard which she carried aloft as she walked, Nyambura said she was looking for men who are looking for a suitable woman to marry and start a family and be a father to her young daughter.
The 28-year-old single mother was seen walking along Tom Mboya Street with her daughter, holding the placard to the shock of many who felt she had carried her desperation too far.

Apart from putting her name on the placard, Nyambura also included her phone number for those interested to contact her.
While many Kenyans took photographs of the woman, some were making fun of her while others sympathized and empathized with her.

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