Pastor arrested for killing baby for rituals in Calabar


Wonder Shall Never End as a Shameless man of God was caught for killing a baby for ritual purposes in Cross River State.


Due to the intervention of the police, the shameless man of God and the General Overseer of a church in Cross River State would have lost his life to the angry mobs who were ready to kill him.


The man identified only as Pastor Tony, the founder of a church known as Royal God's Gospel Ministries located along Okon Edak off Atamunu Street, Calabar, according to Calabar News, was alleged to have kidnapped and killed an infant baby and was about using it for a ritual when he was apprehended.
The news reportedly got residents of the area angry and they moved to the church where they destroyed it and in the process, they were shocked when fetish items were discovered buried in different corners of the church.
It took the timely intervention of the police to rescue the Pastor and take him into their custody before the angry crowd could lynch him.
A Facebook user, Peter Okon, who witnessed the scene, also wrote that the baby boy was kidnapped on the morning of Thursday, August 24, 2017, and sold to the Pastor who slaughtered him for ritual purposes.
This is what Okon posted on his wall:
“The police arrested and interrogated the guy this morning over the missing baby boy and the guy led them to the Pastor he sold him to.
The Pastor got arrested in connection with the allegations and was taken to his church where fresh blood was found spilled around, along with things of different sorts, including photographs of men and women, women’s lingerie, and other under-wears as well as other devilish things.”
Another Facebook user, Antee May, who shared the photos, wrote:
“Somewhere in Calabar South: Ritual pastor who kidnapped a baby this morning Busted.”
Another user, Prince Daniel Edem, also wrote on the incident, giving more details:
“Pastors and rituals at Okon Edak, Street, Calabar South…
My friend's baby was kidnapped earlier today at around 3 am. According to a source, one of the suspects caught in the act said they were sent by the Pastor of Royal God's Gospel Ministries situated at Okon Edak Street, off Palm Street Extension.”

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