Having A Female Friend Without Benefits Is The Best Thing To Do (SEE WHY)

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Having a female friend without benefits is one of the best things that can happen to you and we are here to tell you the reasons why. Choosing to have a female friend for selfish reasons is not the way to go as no good relationship can truly flourish if the reason it began in the first place is tied to ulterior motives.

It’s best you keep all your friends with benefits at a safe distance and consider having a good friend of the opposite sex.
Scout For Good Girls
Your female friend will be able to identify promising potential in a woman you may not have otherwise considered. Female friends most times know their male friends  better than they know themselves, or at least they get to do first. There’s a high possibility that she will bring up someone out of nowhere as “perfect for you,” and you will scoff at her suggestion.
Soon enough however, you will agree with her simply because you trust her and her instincts and, deep down, you know that she knows what you’re truly really looking for because she’s been paying attention all along.
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There’s a high probability that you will respect women more if you happen to have a female friend as your best friend. Women are able to smell men who respect women from far. It’s a good idea to have a female friend that laughs at the same lame jokes your male buddies makes and even adds her own.
A female friend that finds your mistakes amusing as opposed to one that has reasons to lecture you all the time (occasional lectures aren’t bad though), one who can hang around with your body despite the fact that you’re aware she’s not one and ultimately the one who makes you a better person 24/7, and neither of you are usually even aware of it.
Her Friends
One of the best benefits that comes with having a female friend ‘without benefits’ is that you get to role with her friends. If you’re considering dating one of them, you may all but have a free ride. More so, you also get free access to them at their most playful moments, coupled with the fact that it sends a clear message to everyone that knows you with them that your are most likely a decent guy.
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Shopping Benefits
Whether you’re gettin.g clothes for yourself or getting a gift for that special girl you just started dating, a female comes in handy in these matters. She actually help you pick out stylish outfit and drop the ones you thought girls will find good on you, while also ensuring you pick a trendy gift for the woman that matters.
While chances are she will share the information she obtained while helping you out, you can cherish the fact that she’s providing you a priceless service that you would have otherwise, paid for.
She Provides Insight
Having a female bestie means you have a trusted member of the opposite sex, who actually thinks you’re a decent human being or even a catch that can tell you why the girl you’re after is doing what she’s doing, thinking what she’s thinking or acting the way she’s acting.
Almost all women have a guy that plays this role to help them understand why their partner does the things he does and how to navigate through problems that may arise in their relationships.
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Good Conversation
While you may be lucky to have a male friend that is a good listeners, who gets real with you while sharing what he’s feeling, not very many people are that lucky. Having a female friend without benefits affords you the opportunity to be vulnerable and let your guard down about any major stuff that maybe happening in your life.
Females are better confidante and they will be able to hold you afterwards in a more comforting way than your male buddy could ever do.

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