UNIMAID Students react to suicide bombing in Maiduguri (Photos)


Students of the University of Maiduguri have reacted to suicide bombing which happened in one of the villages around their university on Tuesday, November 7.

According to the Police, four female suicide bombers were killed yesterday while trying to sneak into Maiduguri metropolis.
The University of Maiduguri is one the soft targets for Boko Haram terrorists whose ideology is predicated on the abolition of Western Education.
In spite of frequent cases of bomb attack around the University of Maiduguri, the institution still runs like every other school in Nigeria.
Emergency personnel work at the site of a blast at the University of Maiduguri on June 26, 2017
Students who spoke about the bombing that happened yesterday said normalcyreturned to the University moments after the attack.
Abdullahi Ebet Shuwa, fresh graduate of the University who was in the school when the bomb went off said there was a momentary pandemonium as the bomb blast did not happen in the school premises.
"I was in the school when it happened. When I was going to the school, we heard the bomb sound and people were scared. some ran out of the school and some ran inside but those who ran into the school are more than those who ran out.
"No casualty inside the school because it did not happen in the school, rather it happened in Zanneri village which is not too far from the school.
"When there is bomb attack in Maiduguri it is mostly not inside the school may be when they are approaching the schools, soldiers are always there to pursue them back because there is a heavy presence of soldiers in and around the school.
Corroborating Abdullahi, another student of the school, Afsat Shuwa-Maiduguri said everybody was scared when they heard the sound and after that normalcy returned immediately after as the situation was quickly put under control.
"It wasn't really inside the school. it happened far away from the school but the sound really scared us all.
"Students were frightened and they beef up security around. Unimaid still looks very much like academic environment. there is even an increase in numbers of new entrants. We have more numbers of new students than last year."

Recall that three officials of the University were abducted by Boko Haram earlier this year.

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