Useful Tips you Need for a Public Marriage Proposal

A wedding proposal as public as this seems to be what most people crave

Does your boo like a public marriage proposal? Here are five best ways to thrill her [or him] with one!
If your partner is one who loves a public proposal, you better be prepared to drop on one bent knee in front of many witnesses if you intend to make it count.
Quite a lot of people love the excitement of getting engaged while people watch on and we totally, totally understand this.
The feeling of ecstasy is inexplicable for your girlfriend – or boyfriend - when you choose the perfect moment to catch them by surprise and declare in the most romantic manner possible that you wish to spend the rest of your life with them.
To make the best of that proposal and give your partner a memory to cherish forever, here are five tips to follow:

1. Plan well

You have to be spot on with your proposal because there will be loads of eyes to witness it. You need it to be perfect so you don’t embarrass yourself and your partner.
Whatever your decision is, whatever your preferred method, props or location, plan ahead and make sure to get it right.
You get just one shot at this, and with an audience to observe and take photos and videos, you can’t afford to not be on point.

2. Be sure of a ‘yes’

Guys, babes, you better not make a public wedding proposal if you are not highly sure she’ll say yes.
The embarrassment for you and the person you are proposing to will be absolutely monstrous and scarring if you get down on one knee with a flashmob singing behind you, only for her to say NO.
Don’t do it, except you have an 85% certainty at the very least.

3. Be romantic, not corny

We probably have had enough of the ring being put in food and other similar stuff like that.
It has become corny and cliché not to talk of the risk involved.
Your aim is for romance and you need to be creative to achieve it. Be romantic – think of the things you say that gets to her, the words of admiration that makes her mushy the most, the strengths she loves being admired for… those are the things you should play on when giving the little speech that precedes the big question.
No need to repeat all the tired, overused words and ideas – get creative!

4. What she likes

Make sure you stir her emotions with the proposal. A flashmob to sing her favourite song, a huge placard made in her best colour, or you showing up in that your shirt/jeans she really likes… do something to make her feel extra special.
She’s your partner – you’ll definitely know one or two of the things to do to achieve this result.

5. Public or semi public?

There is a difference between proposing at a house party with 30 people in attendance and proposing on live TV during a nation-wide show.
While some may be able to deal with the former, the latter might be a bit overwhelming.
So when he/she says she wants a public proposal, better be sure which type they really want.

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