5 Important University Lessons Every Student Needs For A Better New Year Ahead

Preparing for the year ahead.

University is a place where most of the growing up or adulating is done. Here, you are away from home, away from the security of being with your parents. You are basically out of the nest.

In the university, you meet with a lot of personalities. You’d meet people who would want to take advantage of you, people who would just want to help you, bullies, junkies and a lot more.
The university system is totally different from that of high school which forces you to either buckle up or go home.
Here is a list of things learnt in university that would get you through life even after graduation and help you prepare for a successful year ahead.


This is the most important thing you need to succeed in university and also in life. It is compulsory you be disciplined to move forward. In high school, there was this system whereby once you’re in school, you have classes till you’re done for the day. You could just have about 45 minutes break for the whole day. You have back to back classes, once one teacher leaves another one comes in except you’re in the sciences and you’d have to move down to the laboratories.
You really CAN’T skip a class. In university, there’s no one on your neck telling you to go to class. You might have just one class in a day, you might have hours in between the classes and sometimes, you might not have classes in a day. It takes discipline to attend all of your classes, discipline to get your assignments done and turned it as at when due and all of that. Due to the fact that everyone’s timetable is different, no one is going to chase you out of your room and tell you to go to class compared to high school.


No matter what it is you do in life, you need to be consistence. I’m not talking about consistency for the first few days or weeks or months. I’m referring to being consistent from the beginning of your journey till the very end. The minimum amount of years spent in university is four (4) years, in these years, you need be consistent in everything that you do from attending classes, to reading, paying attention in class, participating in various activities and lots more.
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It’s when you are consistent in your daily endeavors you would see the results. This same principle applies to achieving your goals in life, be it building a business or climbing up that career ladder you need to be consistent no matter how long it takes.


Cliché as this may sound, it really is the truth. No matter what it is you want to do, you have to prepare for it way beforehand. This is not anyhow preparation. You have to do the right things at the right time and long before due. For example, in school, you know that eventually, you would write examinations.
You have to start preparing for these exams months ahead. You have to start your readings, burn the midnight candles, attend tutorials, and ask questions, find solutions to problems and questions and all of that. When you do all of these, you know that you chances of failing that examination is very slim compared to when you start reading a week or a night to the exam, you obviously cannot expect the same excellent result.
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Failing to plan is planning to fail. This applies to life outside school too. Do you want to start up a business of your own? You have to plan way ahead of time, talk to the people you need to, draft out feasible plans and goals, check your finances, if you’re going to need sponsors or partnerships, you need to work on all of these way ahead of time. If you do all the right things and put everything into place, your business would be successful with all things being equal.


Yeap, you read it right. The moment you start procrastinating the things you need to get done, you are signing up to fail. You push things aside when you’re supposed to work on them, before you know it, you wouldn't have enough time to get them done and then you just do the work shabbily.
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A work done shabbily, without proper research and enough time would never turn out to be an excellent work, with that, you can only get shabby results. You would have unexpected situations arising and because you didn't have enough time to plan ahead, you wouldn't know how to handle the situation or curb the problem. Do not procrastinate any work you have to do. It is best you get it done and just leave it done while waiting for the deadline other than waiting for the due date before you get the work done.


This simply means that you really cannot succeed on your own. You cannot grow without others. You need someone who sees where you’re going and is willing to help you get there. Get yourself a little tribe of people who are all about growth and moving forward, people who have similar goals to yours, people who would help you learn and unlearn.
 Be a team. player

I’m going to stop at five (5) for today in order for you to not get bored and to allow you have enough time to digest these lessons and incorporate them into your life while you plan for the New Year ahead. I hope these really do help.
Written by Tofunmi Disu.

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