6 Proven Ways to Give Your Girlfriend Assurance That You Really Love Her.

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One question that is/has always being in almost everyone single lady’s mind is: “How exactly does a guy give assurances to the woman he truly loves”?
There is a great need for assurances and reassurances in relationships. This have eventually been a serious issue long before Davido released a song bearing that title and bought his girlfriend, Chioma, a Porsche with the word inscribed on its number plate.
Everyone and more especially women want to be certain that they are the only one [except, of course, those that willingly became side chicks and side guys].
Even at that, everyone still wants to be sure the terms on which they entered into the relationship/situationship has not changed. People want to feel special not just at the beginning but for the entire duration of the relationship – a duration which is often hoped would be endless.
Since there is a call for assurances now more than ever following Davido’s assuring act of purchasing his girlfriend that extravagant car, how exactly does one give assurance to his girlfriend?
NOTE: You don’t have to have 30 billion in the account to do any of these. Now if you don’t have to have 30 Billion to do all these, then what are the secrets?


Look her in the eyes; tell her she’s the only one. Hold her face in your hands as you say so. Be close enough for the timbre of your voice to create gentle echoes in her heart and spread into every tiny bit of her consciousness.
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She needs to be reassured that despite how rough life can get sometimes, she’s still the one you  with whom you want to find calmness, the one with whom, and in whose arms you want to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that always comes after the storm. And always mean it every time you say it.


I believe for most guys, her beauty drew them in. The alignment of her eyes and nose and lips and the way her smile lit something inside you and made your heart skip like a lamb… it all made you die for her. And it wasn’t until you got her that you felt alive again.
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Never let her forget this. You need to always reassure her that she’s still beautiful, that time has not put a film too thick in your eyes to stop you from seeing how pretty she is.
The problem is that guys often forget this. They often become numb to the beauty their babes are. Don’t be that guy who forgets to melt at the terrific beauty he’s been blessed with. Always remind yourself of how lucky you are and let her know about it. Other guys may say it, but she needs it for you.


Ok. You may think I do not have 30Billion in your account but you actually do not need a Porsche before to impress your girl.
Little gifts, grand gifts, every one you give within your means to please your girl are assurances that you have her in your mind and that she’s special. Don’t ever forget to keep assuring her.


She wants to be sure that this is not just about the here and now. Sure, everyone wants to live in the moment and it’s good to not overthink things, but she also needs reassurances that the future is secure and she’s not just wasting her today with you.
Make her understand that you are not just among those that will just date for the pleasure in it, but that you have good plans that the relationship is actually leading to somewhere(marriage).


Acts of love and service to her are reassuring enough, too, without having to say a word. Every action that confirms your love to her, never hesitate to do them. The goal is to never let her forget, to never let things get into doubt.
Run relentlessly with that goal.


If you really love her as you claim you do, then one little advice I will give you is that; whatsoever you have been doing and she is really happy about it, then Don’t Stop doing it. Rather put in your best and make her the happiest woman on earth. The key is in your hands.

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