According To Science, This Is One Food You Should Eat, If You Have Asthma

People with asthma know the struggles they face when they have a crisis and how much they have to be on the lookout for certain triggers. Furthermore, the diet of people with asthma isn’t that strict but new research says it may be important than first thought.

New research from Greece suggests that eating the right foods can reduce airway inflammation that leads to asthma attacks.

While a lot of us are aware that the things we eat can go a long way in helping us avoid chronic health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, but new new research suggests your diet can also be a determining factor in improving or worsening your asthma.

In a clinical trial from La Trobe University in Greece, researchers recruited 64 children with mild asthma. While half of the children followed their normal diets, the other half ate two meals of cooked fatty fish twice a week for six months. After the trial, the researchers found that the kids who ate more fish substantially reduced their airway inflammation.

The Lead researcher Maria Papamichael, explains in a press release: “Fatty fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. Our study shows eating fish just twice a week can significantly decrease lung inflammation in children with asthma.”

If you have a child with asthma who doesn’t like fish, you can give them other foods that contain omega-3s for them to obtain a dose that will be able to reduce their airway inflammation.

According to the co-researcher and head of La Trobe’s School of Allied Health, Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos, following a traditional Mediterranean diet that is high in plant-based foods and oily fish could be an easy, safe and effective way to reduce asthma symptoms in children.

Try to incorporate more fish or omega -3s into your diet or those of your loved ones with asthma and watch the remarkable improvement.

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