Five Other Things Migraines Affect Asides Your Head

Migraines are not just headaches, they are also termed as “life aches” because they affect other areas of your life much more than you think.

Your Mental Health
According to research published in Neurology Times, migraines and depression create a vicious cycle where the head pain can make the patient depressed and then the depression can exacerbate the pain. Anxiety is also related to migraines, with sufferers reporting that they worried constantly about when another migraine might occur.

Your Heart
According to a major new study published in BMJ, having migraines increases the risk of having or dying from a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease by 50 percent.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure the reason behind the link between heart problems and migraines but they noted it’s worse for women and for people who experience migraine with aura.

Your Social Life
Turning down fun plans with “no thanks, I have a headache” can feel like the ultimate cop-out but for migraine sufferers it’s a harsh reality of living with their condition.

According to a Migraine survey conducted in 2016 in America, nearly 4,000 people, two-thirds of sufferers reported migraines that lasted five days or more and the same amount said they worried about disappointing others because of their pain.

Half said they were embarrassed about their condition and would try to hide their migraines from friends and family.

Your Legs
One in six sufferers in the survey reported also getting restless leg syndrome during a migraine attack. RLS is a neurological condition characterized by a nearly irresistible urge to move your legs and most often occurs when you’re trying to fall asleep.

It may also cause your legs to feel like they’re throbbing, creeping, or prickling. So just in case your migraine wasn’t enough to keep you awake, now your legs are rebelling too.

Your Love Life
Nearly 90 percent of sufferers said their migraines hurt their relationship with their partner. Migraines can cause an increased burden on caregivers and most sufferers feel terrible about this.

This can cause the sufferer to withdraw from physical and emotional contact, as even those types of loving stimuli may worsen the pain. (Nearly 70 percent reported that perfume or cologne could trigger a migraine, for example.)

This is doubly unfortunate as feeling loved and having sex can help mitigate the pain. One study found that a third of migraine sufferers experienced relief from their symptoms during sex.

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