Five Things Fumigators Will Never Tell You

There are times when you actually need Fumigators for your home, but sometimes you don’t. Here are a number of things professional Fumigators will never tell you about the bugs and pests they destroy.

You May Not Even Need a Fumigator
The simple truth is that household pests are regular house guests. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home—bugs can crawl in via your pet, your shoes, and even your groceries.

Your goal should be keeping the pests to a minimum, not keeping your home completely pest-free.

Not All Bugs Are Bad
Although bugs have a bad reputation, a lot of them actually serve a beneficial purpose. Ladybugs and other beetles feed on smaller insects that would otherwise destroy your rose or vegetable garden. You may not want them in your house, but it’s safe to just let some of them be.

Your Garbage can is Inviting House Flies Home
Your house may be perfectly clean, but if you keep your garbage in your garage until collection day, you may be inviting house flies into your house.

Be less hospitable to house flies by choosing a garbage can with a tightly fitted lid, and rinse it out regularly (once or twice a month). You can also sprinkle borax inside for extra deterrence.

Fumigators May Be Stingy With The Pest Spray
Before a pest control company sprays, it measures the perimeter around your house to determine the right amount of chemicals needed. Companies are legally required to apply the amount indicated on a spray’s label; however, that doesn’t stop those that want to cut corners from undertreating your home.

Don’t Trust A House Inspection
Never trust a home inspection that is based on visual inspection only. If there doesn’t happen to be any live activity on the day of the inspection, the inspector won’t see it. So when you’re buying or moving into a house, don’t rely on the inspection alone. Carry out your own fumigation.

Ants Are Tough To Destroy
Even if you manage to kill a colony, any survivors will create a new colony that could be immune to the insecticide you used. More so, exterminators may misidentify ants and therefore use the wrong spray.

One way to keep ants at bay is to place bay leaves or talcum powder at suspected entry points.

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