Here Are Five Ways You Can Cut Your Risk Of Developing Cancer

Cancer is one of the top killer diseases the world over and this makes it important for everyone to know what to do to reduce their chances of getting the disease. You may be shocked to know that you might have more control over the disease than you think.

Take Aspirins Daily
Some experts believe that taking a daily aspirin could reduce your cancer risk, and many studies support the advice. Recent research from the Yale Cancer Center found that using aspirin was associated with a 46 percent decreased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Furthermore, a U.K. review of studies found that among people who had cancer, taking aspirin reduced their risk of death.

As such, low-dose aspirin taken by patients with bowel, breast, or prostate cancer, in addition to other treatments, is associated with a reduction in deaths of about 15 to 20 percent, together with a reduction in the spread of the cancer,” according to study author Professor Peter Elwood, an epidemiologist at Cardiff University.

Doctors are not sure why aspirin works to prevent cancer but some think it could be because of its anti-inflammatory effects, although recent research suggests it may also block the interaction of platelets and cancer cells, hindering abnormal growth.

Avoid Mouthwash
Despite the fact that good oral health is one way to prevent cancer, using mouthwash daily has been linked to it in some studies. Alcohol is a risk factor for oral cancer, so mouthwash that is high in alcohol content might be considered a risk factor.

Although the link is not well understood, it still might be best to play it safe and choose a mouthwash without alcohol or skip the mouthwash all together and stick to brushing and flossing.

Get a Colonoscopy
One good way for preventing cancer is to be up to date with recommended screenings. While the rates of colon cancer deaths have been dropping due to improved screening programs, it’s estimated that one in three adults over 50 aren’t being tested as they should.

Although there are other tests like X-rays, CT scans, or testing on stool, the colonoscopy remains the “gold standard.” The benefit of a colonoscopy is that it can actually prevent colon cancer, as pre-cancerous lesions called polyps can be identified and removed. They can hugely reduce your cancer risk.

See The Dentist
You probably don’t associate the dentist with preventing cancer, but regular checkups can help spot anything unusual going on in your mouth or throat. While there are no good screenings for cancer of the throat and mouth, dentists and other health-care providers can exam the oral cavity for masses and lesions.

More so, studies have shown that poor oral hygiene is a risk factor for head and neck cancer, so brush and floss daily. Experts also recommend checking in with your dentist or doctor if you have a mouth sore that won’t heal, a sore throat or hoarseness that doesn’t go away, or difficulty swallowing.

Don’t Walk In The Sun At Midday
You’ve probably been given the advice to wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds, but your best bet might be to avoid the sun when it’s at its strongest.

Depending on how fair your skin is, this might be from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. If you do venture outside, consider the colour of your clothing: Bright colours like red and yellow as well as dark ones absorb more UV rays, which protects your skin. Also, wear tightly woven fabrics to prevent the sun from shining through.

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