20 Signs That Shows A Woman Likes You

A question that is often asked by a lot of men is: does she like me? They might not say it out but they think about it. They’re often confused if the signs they are seeing means a girl likes them or she’s just being friendly. As men, we know that women more often than not would not outrightly tell us I like you! or You’re hot and I wanna have sex with you. We wish they would, but the fact remains we can’t change the nature of women. Since girls are not direct with their interests, how can you actually tell if she likes you. Don’t worry, I got you. Today I’ll be showing you 20 signs to look out for that signals a girl likes you and you should make a move on her.

Before I dive into the crux of the matter, I want to
point out something. The best way to tell if a girl really likes you is to make
a move on her. It’s that simple actually. If you talk to her, she responds
well, you flirt and she flirts back or blushes, you ask for her number and she
gives you, you ask her out on a date and she comes out or on the same day you
ask her to come sit with you (in a party, club or even at daytime) and she
complies. You don’t need any other sign, you both are good to go!

Also, there are men who encounter
a woman who doesn’t seem to like them but they persist, and because they are at
the right situation at the right time (or maybe they craftily created it
themselves), they are able to create arousal that ends up in both parties
becoming bedmates. This is how some guys get girls that are out of their


There are usually two categories of women that men are
confused as to if they like them or not. The first are total strangers. We
encounter women everytime in our daily activities and these women are strangers
to us. The second type are familiar women.

When talking about familiar
women, you have those who aren’t close to you: these are friends of a friend, a
classmate, the waiter at your favourite restaurant, the girl you always see
around your neighbourhood, etc. You never go beyond ‘hi’s and ‘hey’s with them
and even when you do you never really pass small talk. The other familiar women
are the ones close to you. They could be your friend, co-worker, classmate or
partner in an activity.

For the sake of this article
we’ll be covering the signs that total strangers and familiar women who you
aren’t close to give off. Why I won’t be covering the signs that women you’re
close to show is simply because: if you and a woman are close then she likes
you. It’s that simple. Someone once said that a man and a woman cannot be
friends and there is a truism in it.

Whenever a man and woman are just
friends, they are usually still conscious of some attraction in either one or
both parties involved. But it’s fine if they choose not to pursue it further as
you can’t sleep with or date every female you encounter. It’ll be messed up.
Friendship with females can be very rewarding for both the man and woman. If
you however like her then you should make a move, and if she doesn’t respond
positvely it’s okay, you can’t get them all. But you need to cut that person
off. The friendzone is not a fun place to be.

Now that I’ve made things
clearer, let’s dive into the 20 signs that shows a woman likes you.


  1. She stares at you
  2. Bumps into you
  3. She goes out of her way to pretend she doesn’t notice you
  4. Catwalks while walking past you
  5. She sings beside you
  6. Talks or laughs loudly
  7. She hovers around you
  8. Asks you for direction or an innocent-looking question
  9. She goes out of her way to greet you
  10. Gives you free stuff
  11. Touches or leans on you
  12. She gives you a compliment
  13. Teases you
  14. Smiles at you everytime
  15. She laughs at every joke you make
  16. The asks you a personal question
  17. Asks you a lot of questions about yourself
  18. Changes her accent when talking to you
  19. Tells you alot about herself
  20. Gives you a nickname

The first 11 signs are shown by strangers, numbers 12
and 13 can be shown by both strangers and familiar women, while number 14 to 20
are for familar women.


Naturally, strangers do not look at each other for up to a second. If a stranger looks at you for a second or more, it means you’ve peaked his curiosity and if it’s a female, it’s usually a sign of attraction. If you find a girl staring at you, don’t question whether or not she likes you. Instead look back at her, smile or wave and then say hi to her and kick it from there. Sometimes you’d observe a girl is staring and when you look at her she immediately takes her eyes off you. Just smile, chill a bit to see if she’ll look back so you can give her a smile or wave. If she doesn’t, go talk to her.


Ever heard the saying that there’s no such thing as a coincidence? Well this applies perfectly with anything woman related. Girls are usually very conscious of things they do in public and one of those things is whom they decide to bump into or not. If a girl bumps into you, it’s usually a sign that she likes you and wants you to talk to her. This is usually more accurate when it’s a light bump. Sometimes she might have genuinely bumped into you unknowingly, this kind of bump is usually more forcefully and she could even lose her balance. I’d advise you just talk to her (beyond “sorry” of course) wether you feel she did it on purpose or not.

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If you’re an attractive man, sometimes you’d have
women try so hard not to show interest in you. For the average man, this is
insane! How can a girl like me and then ignore me on purpose. Well it’s usually
because she’s trying to look good in front of you and staring at you (to her)
makes her look thirsty.

How this usually happens is that you’d be out on the
street walking, a girl notices you (a lot of times before you do) and then she
takes her eyes away from you and looks forward as she walks past you. She
doesn’t even look to the side as normal people do when walking past someone. If
you notice a girl walks past you without even looking your way, while her
facial expression suggests she’s doing this on purpose, she likes you.

This can happen when you’re in an indoor environment
too like say a bank or supermarket. If a girl forces herself not to look your
way even when you both are close to each other, it’s usually a sign of
attraction. When you notice this just say hi to her and smile, don’t be discouraged
by the straight face.


This one is as obvious as it gets. If you notice a
girl and while walking past you she somehow begins to sway her hips more and
catwalk as if she were a model on a runway. Make sure you run after her and
tell her you like how she sways her hips while walking.


Whenever you see a girl singing in public it means
she’s seeking attention. If she’s beside you then she’s trying to get you to
notice her so you can talk to her. Don’t dissapoint her, tell her she has a
nice voice.


This is similar to the previous sign. If a girl talks
or laughs too loudly for a public environment, she’s looking for attention. If
you’re beside her and you’re decently attractive, it’s safe to assume she’s
doing it because of you. A girl would talk or laugh loudly to gain your
attention when she’s either talking to her friends or on the phone. If she’s
trying to gain your attention by talking loudly, the topic would usually be something
that would portray her in a positive way. Open her with something about the
environment or if you’re feeling ballsy then tell her her voice sounds cute.


If a girl keeps hovering around you, for whatever
reason, it’s almost always a sign she just wants you to talk to her. Some girls
would walk around you, others would position themselves close to while some
would even start talking to someone right next to you. Just make an offhanded
statement about the social situation you’re both in or ask her a question and
you can take it from there.


This might sound counter-intuitive, especially the
first part. How can a stranger asking you for direction mean she likes you. First
of all, you should understand that she has options. Why didn’t she ask that old
man at the corner of the street, or the poorly dressed man walking past her.
She came all the way to ask you for direction. This is usually a sign that she
likes the looks of you. And if you’re an attractive man, then the chances are
very high that she likes you.

Sometimes it’s not direction. A girl you’ve never
spoken to who’s beside you (or planted herself there) asks you an innocent
looking question. It doesn’t matter what she asks, this is almost equivalent to
her toasting you. Answer her question and go from there.


This usually happens with girls younger than you, but sometimes girls your age or slightly older than you can use this style to gain your attention. How this can occur is this: let’s say you’re walking to a store and coming opposite your direction is a girl who’s far to the left side of the road. You’re lost in your thought as you stare off into space, you do not even take note of her. Suddenly as you get closer she blurts out good afternoon! Bonus point for you if she adds sir.

People usually greet strangers only when it’s socially
awkward not to. Although this depends on environment. If you’re in an
environment where people always greet strangers then you’d have a different
yardstick for measuring what it means to go out of your way to greet a


This happens with sales clerks, waitresses or the
likes. If you’re buying food for example and you order for two pieces of meat
and she puts three or she adds more spagthetti than the amount you are paying
for. That’s a sign she likes you. If you shop at a supermarket and the sales
girl adds an extra item for you, then be certain she wants you to go beyond
polite talk. In both instances, she’s offering something and expects you to
give her something in return by asking her to hangout or go on a date with you.


I don’t want to know the excuse for this, if a girl
who you do not know touches or leans on you (except she was falling; and even
this could be feigned. You have no idea the lenghts girls can go to get your
attention while making it look unplanned), then it’s a sign she likes you.

Sometimes she’d touch or lean on
you and then apologize to make it seem like a mistake. Don’t buy it.
Acknowledge her apology and then start a conversation. The exception to this
would be in an overcrowded environment where it’s impossible not to touch
multiple individuals.


If a stranger gives you a compliment, be rest assured
she wants you to do things to her. If it’s a girl that you’re familiar with,
you might not be certain she likes you. But more often than not, it’s usually a
sign that she wants you guys to move past just saying hi or small talk. She’s
telling you she personally likes something about you and hopes you both would
graduate into a more personal level. Man up! Take the challenge. Go beyond
small talk, ask her out on a date or invite her over for a movie or dinner.


A general rule of thumb is that if a girl teases you
then she likes you. Think about it, would you tease a girl you think is
unattractive? No, you don’t want her having ideas. It’s the same with women.
Whether she’s a stranger or a familiar face, if she teases you then she likes
you. With a stranger, it’s a very clear sign. A familiar face on the other
hand, you’d have to gauge the kind of teasing. But generally speaking, for her
to have teased you, it means she likes you to an extent. So just laugh/smile,
tease her back and go from there.


If you notice that a girl you’re familiar with always smiles at you. You sight her from afar; she smiles at you, you unwittingly bumped into her and everything she’s holding scatters to different axis as if you were plotting a graph; she smiles at you, you call her name; she smiles. Smile also, cause you just got yourself a potential romantic partner.

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You know you’re not that funny, but every joke you
make seems to make this girl laugh or giggle. Does this mean you’re the next
Trevor Noah and you haven’t realized it or this girl just has a thing for you.
I don’t mean to kill your aspirations but if a girl laughs/giggles at every of
your joke then it’s you she likes… and maybe your jokes too (wink, wink). Don’t
get stuck being the entertaining guy, get down to business and make a move on


If you’re familiar with a girl but you both don’t ever
go beyond small talk, however, she decides to ask you a personal question, then
she’s signaling to you that you should take things to the next level. She wants
you to get serious and make a move. A personal question could be asking for
your name, where you live, what state you’re from or your ethnic group, your
favorite artiste, etc. As long as you guys have never had a personal
conversation but she asks you something that’s leading to that direction, then
she likes you. So if she asks you for your name, just reply, I’m Mr
Bend-You-Over (totally kidding lol).


If you’re talking to a girl you just met and she
begins plying you with a lot of questions about yourself then she likes you. If
it’s someone that’s familiar but not very close to you, this is also a green
light that she likes you. A girl who decides to bombard you with lots of
questions does so because she’s interested in you. Obviously you don’t have to
reply her as if you were a college student answering exam questions. Add some
mystery to it, ask her also about herself and move things to the next level.


Some girls change their accents to something more
fancy (and foreign sounding) when talking to a man they’re attracted to. This
can be hilarious but don’t blame her, she’s trying to impress you. There are
men out there who are actually put off by this as they think she’s being proud,
little do they know that she actually likes them and that’s why she’s going to
that length to gain their interest. Whenever a girl does this, take it as a
good sign and make a move.


Most girls never open up about themselves except they’re attracted to you. So if you’re in a conversation with a girl and she’s telling you a lot about herself –what she likes and dislikes, childhood experiences, relationship history, family, etc– then be certain she likes you. Bonus point if she goes into topics about herself without you even asking.

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A nickname is a thing of endearment and whenever a
girl gives you one then she likes you. Sometimes they can be sweet –fine boy,
Prince Charming, Dominique– but other times they can be playfully annoying
–rat, long neck, small dick. Whatever they may be, take those nicknames and
turn them into neat lays. You can prove to her that she was right (yea, I can
do things to you like a Dominique from a Mexican soap opera) or wrong (see?
what’s down here is so big you can’t even take it all).


So there you go, 20 signs she likes you. If you put
your eyes out for them, you’d begin to notice these signs women give. A lot of
times a girl would put out multiple of these signs. The more signs she puts
out, the more certain you’d be that she likes you (and the more she actually
likes you of course). You however have to make a move, a girl won’t do that for
you. Women play the passive role in romance.

I’d also like to say, if you’re not still sure she likes you even if she shows a sign I mentioned, just talk to her (if she’s a stranger) or ask her out on a date (if she’s familiar) and see where it leads. You never can tell except you try.

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