Emotional Fool [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 10

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As John stopped Mabel from talking, Blood oozed out of her mouth.

John was tired of the whole situation.
“If anything bad happens to you, I will be held responsible, how could you drink a whole bottle of poison, what were you thinking?” John said in fear.

Unknowingly to John, Nancy heard all he said, she was at the door, she almost collapsed when she heard that Mabel drank a bottle of poison. She ran into the unlocked door, John almost jumped out of his skin when he saw his wife. “She drank poison?, Let’s rush her to the hospital”Nancy entered, John was relieved that his wife was there, he explained everything to her but Nancy was more interested in saving Mabel’s life.

They rushed Mabel to the hospital and she was wheeled into the emergency room, John reported everything to the police while Nancy went through Mabel’s Phone, he was having a hard time to unlock Mabel’s phone, “Honey, we need to call her friends or family member, but her phone has a lock pattern”
She said.

Few minutes later, the police arrived and they were able to reach Mabel’s parents through the help of her neighbor.

In few minutes, an aged couple arrived with a well built young man they introduced themselves to the police inspector as Mabel’s parents and the well built young man was introduced as thier son and also as Mabel’s elder brother.

Nancy had been so worried ever since they got Mabel to the hospital, she was praying for a miracle. She was sitting beside her husband assuring him that Mabel will be fine. Nancy was still consoling her husband, when the police men walked towards them with Mabel’s parents and her elder brother.

Immediately they came more closer, One stare at Mabel’s elder brother. Nancy was shocked and speechless, she lost words as she stared at Mabel’s Brother.

The police quickly introduced him and his parents. Mabel’s brother was also speechless as he stared speechlessly at Nancy.

“Jude! ” Nancy finally said as tears rolled from her eyes.

“Nancy, What are you doing here?” Jude asked as John stared at them in confusion.
The policemen were unaware of what was going on. They quickly left with Mabel’s parents for the doctor’s office to find out if Mabel was responding to treatment.
Immediately they left, John left as well, Leaving Jude and Nancy staring at each other without uttering a word, John was so exhausted and the worst was that Jude was not just Mabel’s brother but his wife’s ex lover.

“Today is not a good day at all, Mabel tried to kill herself and her brother turned out to be Jude. My wife’s ex lover, who she loved with all her heart, how am I sure that Nancy is not still in love with him because it took Nancy a long time to fall in love with me” He thought as he sat under the tree at the hospital’s huge compound.

Immediately Nancy was able to comport herself, she looked everywhere for John, she wondered when he left, Jude was still staring at her without saying a word and Nancy then turned around to leave.

“Nancy, please wait” Jude said calmly
“Wait for who?” Nancy said at once and hissed

“How are you doing?”He asked politely but Nancy didn’t utter a word
“What about our child?” Jude added
“Go and ask Google, foolish man” Nancy said as she walked out on him, Jude was just staring at her as she left, when the police inspector finally explained everything to Jude, “Your younger sister attempted suicide because of the man you just met, his name is John, He is a married man and that lady, you met with him is his wife, your Sister drank poison because of a married man who wants nothing to do with her anymore, I saw the text message your sister sent to him this morning and with a picture of a bottle containing poison” The police inspector narrated

As the police inspector was narrating everything to Jude, He recalled how he humiliated Nancy at the bar, 9 years ago when she told her that she was pregnant.
” Karma is Real, the same way I decieved Nancy, My Sister was deceived too and the worst was that she was deceived by Nancy’s husband, assuming Nancy knew my sister, I would have thought it was a conspiracy” He thought as tears rolled down from his eyes.

Immediately news got to Nancy and John that Mabel was conscious, they left without saying goodbye to anyone.

Dating a married man is like falling in love with a rental house thinking that one day your landlord will hand it over to you for free.

All mischievous married men will tell you they married thier wife by mistake, they are willing to leave everything just for you because you are the right woman for then. I will tell you it’s a lie, no married man is willing to divorce their wife for you. He is just being selfish to keep you hanging around him.
In the long run, when married men retire, they go back and stay home with their wife.
When you fall in love with a married man or woman, you are just an EMOTIONAL FOOL, no matter how much you love them, they can never become yours.

If a married man can’t hold your hand in public then why let him hold your hand in private. Be wise.

Your soul mate is not another person’s spouse
When you are dating a married man and you got lucky and he left his wife for you, you have entered into a world of lies, a man that left his wife can leave you anytime. He cheated on his wife, definitely he will cheat on you.

The moment a single lady agree to date a married man, she had agree to be a second class woman, and every second class person is classified as a person of lower values.

Now look at it this way.. If he is with you & his wife calls, he lies that he is still at the office or on an official assignment. You dare not interrupt his conversation or query him. But you can’t call him when he is at home with family…..

My sisters, you be toy? He sneaks you from his car into his hotel room but gives his wife his entire home…..

My beloved sisters grow up, please! He visits you at home & you introduce him to friends & neighbours as your boyfriend thereby blocking your chances of getting a genuine suitor, yet you don’t even know the name of the street where he lives….

My dear sister, leave that man,remove your eyes from that car and that money,it is a mere distraction.

Follow that single man,go and plan with him and you will not regret it.

Forget that married man, he is only using you to cure his sexual addiction.

You are dating a married man,
He spends on you, He says he loves you, You tell him you love him,
You call it love, but it isn’t, It is wickedness,
That man is a fool,
You are a bigger fool for helping him cheat on his wife,
What you sow,
You will reap.

As a single lady you love to date other women’s husbands claiming that married men are more caring and other senseless excuses, when you are married, you will reap what you sow, get ready to share your husband with desperate single ladies. You might not be as lucky as Nancy.

Married men stop deceiving single ladies, karma is Real, you will reap exactly what you sow, you have daughters and sisters and I don’t think you want them to be deceived by wicked, self centered married men like yourself. Stay faithful to your family and stop taking advantage of single, desperate and lonely ladies, a word is enough for the wise.
Be kind to people, DEPRESSION is real. Not every smile comes from the heart. Please Be nice and be polite to people. Don’t be rude and disrespectful.

Finally, don’t take your spouse’s love for granted, find new ways to love and care for your spouse everyday..

The End

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