Say your byes to stomach ache with bitter leaf

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Battling with a stomach ache? One of the natural vegetables that can help you treat is bitter leaf.

Bitter leaf as the name implies is actually a bitter plant whose leaves, extracts, stems, and barks are used for several purposes, including medicinal.

The vegetable contains nutrients that supply the body system with lots of health benefits. One of those benefits is treating stomach aches.
Numerous things could lead to stomach pain, including indigestion after eating, menstrual cramps, lactose intolerance, abdominal hernia, pancreatitis, to mention but a few.
Bitter leaf contains nutrients that treats stomach ache [Pulse Nigeria]
Perhaps you are struggling with a stomachache, and you’d love to treat it with bitter leaf, all you need do is to chew its tender stem as though you were chewing a stick and then swallow the leftovers. You should notice some significant changes within a few minutes.
Better still if you can’t chew the stem as suggested above, you can pound the fresh leaves in a mortar and squeeze out the juice, add a pinch of salt to the undiluted drink and drink.

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