The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 3 - CrownXplicit

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The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 3

The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 3

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Ten minutes later I was done. I didn’t bother drying myself up and I ran out of the bathroom and back to Adesuwa’s room. The two girls were lying in each other’s arms on mattress, each stroking and caressing the other’s nαked body. They didn’t even notice I had returned until I was standing over them. They let each other go and made some room, Ireti patted the space between them, indicating where they wanted me to be. I lay down with the girls on each side of me.
“Is this what you want?” Ireti asked as they both pressed their bodies into mine.
“Ireti, you are a very troublesome girl,” Adesuwa scolded her. “Keep quiet and let us do this and forget about it.”

I kissed Adesuwa and began to caress her boóbs. She m0aned in response. At the same time, I felt Ireti begin to kiss her way down my body. She s----d hard on my nípples, causing my díck to grow even harder than I thought was possible. I felt her grab it in her fingers, giving it some measured pumps as she practically chewed on my hard nípples. When it reached its full erection, she moved down and started to lick and sU-Ck on the head. Her hands stroked the hard length, and she treated it like an ice cream treat. Adesuwa disengaged her lips from mine.
“I want to join Ireti,” she pouted.

I could only nod weakly as she slid down to my crotch where her friend was busy attending to my s---t. Adesuwa began to lick my balls while Ireti inserted my rod deep into her mouth. I la!d back and enjoyed the mind-blowing feelings as both girls made love to me with their mouths.

For a while, both of them licked and s----d. They maintained eye contact with me as they flicked the tip back and forth with their tongues. Ireti moved up to my face and began to kiss me, while Adesuwa engulfed my s---t. I latched my hands onto Ireti’s boóbs and twirled her nípples in my fingers. She let out low m0ans of pleasure and then gasped in pain when I tweaked one a bit too hard.
“MMMhmmm, that pained me!!” she whined. I apologized with another kiss and s----d the painful tip. I was in heaven. Adesuwa got tired after a while and came up for air. 

“Which of us do you want to fück first,” she asked. In her eyes I saw she hoped I chose her. That made the decision for me.

“Why don’t you sit on my díck?” I asked her. She gladly crawled up onto me, facing me.
“That’s not fair!! I want to go first!!!” Ireti whined, trying to push her friend off me. I reached up and caressed her breαsts again.
“Don’t worry girl, I have enough díck for you both,” I smiled reassuringly.

Satisfied with that, she reached to wrap her fingers around the base of my s---t. She positioned it at the entrance of her friends dripping püssy. With her boóbs dangling in my face, Adesuwa hovered over my cóck and then with all her energy, she sank down, burying it within her steamy folds to the hilt.
Ireti and I kissed, s----d, and fondled each of Adesuwa’s boóbs as she bounced up and down on my hardness. Soon Ireti could sense when she was going to cüm and moved her hand to her friend’s püssy. Her fingers found Adesuwa’s clít between us and flicked it back and forth quickly. This brought her to a fiery c----x and Adesuwa m0aned and yelled as her thighs gripped my sides.

“I want my turn now,” Ireti said, her fingers frigging her sloppy wetness furiously.

Adesuwa eased off me and collapsed on the bed. Ireti wasted no time and dove between her thighs again, her tongue slurping away. I moved behind her and started rubbing my díck between her ass cheeks. She pressed back against me, and I slowly sank my length into the depths of her crevice. Her muscles were so tight and wet. She did not move, but used her muscles to massage my cóck. It was such a s£nsat!onal feeling. I could not stand the feeling of her fluttering around me any longer and I began to t----t. I rolled her onto her back, spread her legs wide and reinserted my dong. It slipped in like it had been there forever. Adesuwa by now was attached to Ireti’s jugs and was m0an!ng with pleasure. I slowed down with slow deliberate strokes, and Ireti reached around and clutched at my ass.
“Oh broda Ayoooo, please f-fück me very harrrrd!!!!” she urged. Her eyes were beginning to roll to the back of her head. I took my time fücking her, and I pulled my rod out and rubbed it across her slit, eliciting a loud groan from deep inside her.
“Stop teasing meeee…I need your díck so baaaad!!!” she shouted.

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