The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 12 - CrownXplicit

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The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 12

The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 12

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I turned her around in my arms and she sprawled across me. I caressed her cheek and chin, pulled her head close and placed a kiss on her luscious lips. I felt her go stiff for a few seconds, but then felt her begin to relax. My hands ran down the side of her firm, young body and easily slipped beneath the bottom hem of her top. She m0aned against my mouth as my hands found her smooth skin, and I slid them slowly up her back.
“Ohhhh,” she m0aned helplessly as I did justice to her sweet, luscious lips.

In one quick, deft movement, without breaking the kiss, I repositioned her over my laps so she sat straddling me. Her upper body was almost totally exposed by my hands which had almost pulled her top off. Right in front of my face were her perfect breasts. I cupped them through her top with both hands and sq££zed the firm flesh in my palms, feeling the fullness of her young melons again. I rubbed her hardening nipples with my thumbs, feeling them beginning to poke through. She responded by m0an!ng loudly and grinding her crotch against the bulge in my shorts. She started whimpering cutely as we kissed, almost mewling as my thumbs picked up their rubbing against her nipples and her grinding became more frantic.

It didn’t take long for my eager hands to get bored. I pulled her top over her boobs before she realized what I was doing. She let out a little squeak into his mouth, though she didn’t stop kissing me and instead tried to stop me. That definitely was a mistake because as she moved her arms, she found it being pulled over her head. Her beautiful, firm breasts popped into view, and before she could make any protests, I had leaned forward to sU-Ck one of her dark nipples into my mouth.

“Ohhhhh,” she m0aned. The tip of my tongue found the rapidly hardening nib and I s----d a little harder around the firm flesh as I ran the length of my tongue over the hard pebble. A louder “Ohhh God,” escaped from Adesuwa’s lips and she arched her back as gooseflesh broke out over her skin again and another shudder ran through her. I flung the top aside and s----d her n----e harder. Adesuwa responded by pulling the back of my head against her, her hips involuntarily grinding downwards against me. I switched to her other breast, grasping it with both hands and guiding the excited little n----e into my mouth. I rubbed the other wet tip back and forth with my thumb. This brought another long whimper from her, and she furiously grinded herself downward against my very hard bulge.

And then she froze. She let out a high pitched squeak and started to tremble in my laps. Her arms embraced the back of my head and hugged me tightly to her chest as her legs shook and her mid-section seemed to spasm. It took me a moment to realize she was cúmming. As she trembled and panted, her whole body lost in the bliss of o----m, my rod swelled to full girth beneath her.

Adesuwa slumped against me for several moments, resting while half-hugging and half-leaning into my chest. She finally looked at me, her grey eyes glazed over.
“Oh broda Ayo,” she breathed.
“It’s okay baby,” I replied, cupping her face in my hands and kissing her lips again.
“Wha…what do you want from me?” she asked in obvious befuddlement.

I didn’t respond. I leaned back, her arms resting around my neck while I held her waist. She rested her forehead against mine while her boobs rose and fell in front of my face. She sighed deeply.

“Broda Ayo, you know I like you so much, but I am just a house girl,” she started. I could see the tears begin to form in her eyes. “Mummy will chase me away if she knows.”

“You are more than just a housegirl Adesuwa,” I told her. She avoided my gaze. “Look at me.”

Adesuwa turned her eyes to me. “You are not our house girl baby, you are part of the family. We will do anything to protect you just as we would to others. Always remember that. We all love you dearly.”

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