The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 8


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Over the rest of my holiday I kept a close eye on Adesuwa. I couldn’t do anything because the house was always full, and I also noticed she made it a point to stay out of my way. She literally didn’t want to be alone with me anywhere. I had initially thought I should just ignore her and forget about what I planned, but her snobby behavior and surprising sudden rudeness made me vow to do as I promised I would. It may take me a while, but I promised myself the next opportunity I had to fück this girl, I would make it an experience she would never forget.

School resumed and I went back to campus. I made my usual trips home, but I cut it down to once every month. I decided one of the reasons for her foolishness was the fact that I was at home most of the time everyday. I guessed staying out of sight would help matters a bit. I wasn’t wrong.

One evening, as I was returning from a group tutorial, I felt a message come in on Whatsapp. I opened the message and noticed it was Adesuwa. I smiled. I hadn’t been home in like five weeks and I had intentionally ignored her throughout.

“Bros Ayo, hmmmm, dis one wey we no see your brakelight for house. I hope everything is okay,”she wrote.

I ignored the message and didn’t reply. I got to my room. My roommates hadn’t returned. I took a quick shower, changed to a pair of basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt, put on the TV and switched the channel to SuperSports. I noticed my phone flashing on the bed beside me, indicating I had another set of messages. I checked it. Adesuwa had chatted me again. I read the message from her.

“Bros, I hope everything is okay. You didn’t come home since,”she wrote.
“I’m fine,”I replied simply.
I saw she was responding so I waited. Soon another message came in.
“So why did you take so long to respond?”
This girl get liver oh. A simple maid like her demanding why I took so long to respond to her message. No be her fault. I waited another ten minutes before replying.
“Look Adesuwa, do you want anything? I’m busy.” 

I waited for a while for her response, but she didn’t reply for a while. I was about tossing my phone aside when her message came in.
“I’m sorry I’m disturbing you. I just thought to check up on you since you didn’t come home like you used to.”
“I’m okay. Thank you for checking.”
There was a pause for a while.“When are you coming home again?”
I smiled.“I don’t know. Whenever you see me at home.”

“Okay,”she responded,“bring something for me when you decide to come home.”
I smiled again. The cold treatment really works. I decided not to respond to the last message. She waited for sometime then sent another.

“You didn’t reply to my message.”
I ignored the message. After like ten minutes, my phone rang. It was her. I let it ring once more before picking it up.

“Broda Ayo na, haba. Is that how to greet someone?”

“Adesuwa what do you want? I’m studying.”

She paused. “Hello?” I spoke into the phone.

“I…I just wanted to check you.”
“Didn’t you do that when you sent me your messages?”

“I thought you didn’t see my last message.”

“I did.”

“So why didn’t you respond?”
“Look, I can decide or decide not to respond to any message. I’m busy right now.”
I hung the call up as she began to speak and tossed the phone on the bed.

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