The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 9


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Later that night around eleven, another message vibrated my phone.
“Broda Ayo you seemed intentionally cold and harsh. I did not mean to disturb you today. It was just unusual of you not to come home at all. I was just worried, that’s all. When I didn’t see you nor hear from you like you normally do, I was wondering if you were okay. I’m sorry I disturbed you. it will not happen again.”
I sighed and began typing.

“Adesuwa, if I didn’t call you, were your fingers paralyzed? Couldn’t you call me if you wanted to hear from me?”
“But you know you’re the one that always buy me credit.”

“Are you trying to tell me mummy doesn’t give you money? How do you have data then?”

She didnt respond, so I continued.“Besides I intentionally didn’t call you.”

“Ask me once more.”
“What did I do?”
She was beginning to get me angry, so I tossed my phone aside. It buzzed again.
“Plsss na. Tell me what I did to you.”
“I blame myself. If I hadn’t stooped so low to fück you and your friend, you wouldn’t have had the guts to act and talk to me the way you have the past couple of months. Is it because we treat you not as a house-girl, but as a member of the family? Small girl like you forming for me as if i’m your mate. Like I said, I blame myself.”

She went silent, and when she didn’t respond again, I decided to go to sleep.


The following morning, I woke up to a series of messages from her.
“Bros AY, I’m really sorry the way I behaved. I didn’t know I offend you like this so much. I now realize I was very rude to you. It is not that I hate you for what happened. Far from it. I like you very much. You mean so much to me and I really appreciate all you and the family have done to treat me not as the housegirl I am, but as a member of the family. It’s just that I was a little bit surprised when you decided to have sex with Ireti and I at the same time. I had a long time to think about it afterwards and I was rather surprised you could do that. Apart from that, you focused more on her. I think it was the shock of it all that got to me. I thought I could handle it.” 

“I didn’t mean to upset you or get you angry. I’m sorry if my attitude portrayed that. I just needed to wrap my head around all that happened that day. Your presence all the time at home too didn’t help me much either. I think not seeing you every day now seems a bit strange. I know I should not say this, but I do miss you. I miss seeing you around. I’m really sorry for offending you. Please forgive me.”

I pumped my fist in the air in triumph. I began to type, but thought better of it and called. She didn’t even let it ring before she picked.
“Adesuwa. How are you?”
“I-I’m f-fine sir,” she stammered.
“I saw your messages.”
“I’m so sorry Broda Ayo. I promise not to be rude to you again.”
“Look it’s okay. Im not upset anymore.”
“Is that why you didn’t come home all this while?”
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“No,” I lied, “I had a lot of school work to cover, and if I came home, a beautiful girl like you would only be a distraction.”
She laughed. “Everywhere is just booorrrinnnggg!!!!”
“How about Ireti?”
“That one?” she hissed, “She dey her papa house. I’ve not seen her for a while.”

“I can’t wait to see you again. Mummy and daddy are travelling again this weekend and the house is going to be boring.”
“Okay, I’ll try and come home this weekend. Just to keep you company.”
I heard her laugh. “Okay. Don’t forget to bring something for your Adesuwa oh.”
Your Adesuwa.“What do you want me to bring for you?”
“I don’t know. Anything.”
“Okay. I will think of something.”

“Don’t forget oh, or else I will chase you out of the house and I will not cook for you.”
I laughed, “Okay young lady. I will bring something. I’m going to class now. I’ll call you in the evening.”

“I will expect your call.”
“Bye babe.”

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