The Pretty Maid [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 7


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“No, I’m not hungry yet,” I replied, sitting up on the bed.

“Okay. Please let me know if you want to eat anything so that I can cook it for you,” she responded as she turned to leave.
“Adesuwaaaaaa….” I called. The way I dragged her name must have caught her unawares as she jumped slightly. She turned to face me.

“Yes, broda Ayo?”
“Why you come dey form yanga for me na?” I broke out in pidgin.
“What do you mean yanga? Which yanga I dey form for you?”
“You tink say I no know? You just dey behave anyhow to me since.”
“How I dey behave?”

“Stay there dey ask me,” I replied. My eyes were glued to her protruding chest and she shifted uncomfortably. “Since dat day wey I fück you and your friend, you just dey behave one kain to me.”

Adesuwa blushed. “B-b-broda Ayo, I-I-I no wan talk about that day again. Let us just assume it never happened,” she stammered.
“Why I go assume that? You think say e easy to forget such a thing with such a fine girl like you?”

“No be Ireti you concentrate on more that day?” she blurted out. “Upon say na me convince her make we do wetin you wan do. Na she you fück pass!!!”

The cat was finally out of the bag. I knew that was her problem and I laughed. “Look Adesuwa, I did all that just to teach her a lesson. You saw as she dey form tough girl that day na.”

“But that one no mean say make you focus on her alone.”
“Oya no vex. E no go happen again like that next time.”

“Next time?” she looked at me with an angry frown, “who tell you say there will be a next time? That was just a onetime thing. Shuu!!! God forbid!!! E no fit happen again!!!” 

I just smiled. I knew she was still upset about the whole thing. I decided to bide my time with her.

“Okay I’m sorry. Can you prepare some rice for me?”
“Okay I will.”

“Don’t burn it again this time oh.”
If looks could kill, I would have been a dead man by now.

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