Must Read: A Mother’s Sacrifice [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 5

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shanty: the only person who can helps us is the father of those two ghost gals . Shanty av done her research on the gals they only attack teenage gals, the gals wer a witness to wat Der father did to their mother burning her alife.

Shanty: i av tried on many occasion to talk to their father who is currently in a psychiatry home under treatment but he did not agree to talk to me pls ma help me save my job am prove am correct.

Savitri: i will help you, i av anoda daughter so i will help u for the sake and life of my daughter.

Shanty showed her the picture of the gals father. When she saw the picture the gals wer already dey. Savitri saw the gal hiding behind a try and immediately the picture in her hand caught fire. She dismiss shanty and told her they will talk the next day.


janvi was on the couch in the parlour studying wen all of a sudden she heard her name Being called. She get up to find out who was calling her and found out it was….

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