Story: The End Of Love - Episode 1

The End of Love


"Do you miss me? Do you want to? Say yes! Say it! "Albert's deep voice gave out a rough breath.
Fenny knew he liked her to keep quiet, so she didn't answer his crazy questions.

She stared out of the window, the night heavy outside, the moon curved like a knife.
Fenny thought so, a pair of spring water ripples of eyes, a blink does not blink at the window.

Albert finally tired, he slowly fell down, lying beside her, he could not help but kiss her bright eyes, if peace close eyes, although it is endless night, but vaguely see his face, she will still feel sick.

"What are you thinking? "Albert was covered in sweat and gasped and stroked her soft hair.

"You. "Fenny said.

Albert listened to her cold words and smiled, knowing that it was false, but he was still satisfied.

"I'll take a shower. "Albert took a break and sat up from his bed. He turned on the light in the room and went out.

When she heard the bathroom door close, she got up from the bed at once. She walked barefoot on the floor and ran lightly to the table with Albert's briefcase on it.

Fenny quickly opened her briefcase and pulled out her folder. She flipped through a stack of papers while listening carefully to the water in the bathroom.

She quickly found what she needed," Bidding project, where is the total amount of bidding……"

Albert slippers slowly came to the bedroom, Fenny ran glanced out of the door, vaguely saw his shadow, she quickly put the document back, closed the briefcase, flying like rushed to the bed to lie in the quilt.

Albert just walked in, his eyebrow narrow, a pair of beautiful eyes revealed a little unruly, but at the moment he looked at the bed if the peace but a smile, he went to pick up her half fell on the ground quilt," Sleep is not comfortable. "

When he tucked her in, he felt the hot sweat on her skin." Is it hot? Why is it sweating? "

Fenny turned around and rubbed her sleepy eyes as if she had just fallen into a deep dream," Brother, how did you get here? "Her voice was so soft that it almost drowned people.

Albert lay beside her and indulged in falling a kiss on her forehead." Afraid of your loneliness alone, I have washed fast enough. "

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